The "Hutchinson Hundred"



The “Hutchinson Hundred” A relocate Y”in—at 94.68 m.p.h.

FOR once in a way the final race meeting of the year at Brooklands was run off in bright weather, when on Saturday last, October 25th, the B.M.C.R.C. held their classic “Hutchinson Hundred” and other races. But though the sun shone, a strong and chilly wind swept across the track, and this undoubtedly influenced the times in the various events. Performances on the whole were very good in all classes, however.

A three lap scratch race for ” 350’s ” opened proceedings, and drew five competitors. W. 0. C. Hewitt, astride one of Worters’ numerous speedy motors–in this case a Rex-Acme-Blackbarne—drew away from his rivals right at the start, and led throughout. L. G. Archer on a New Imperial came second, and Staniland third. The latter was also mounted on a Rex-Acme-Blackburne of Worters’. In the next race, a three-lap scratch affair, the riders were more evenly matched and spectators were provided with an excellent bit of duelling near the finish, when C. W. G. Lacey’s Norton was passed just at the end by M. C. McCudden’s Rex-Acme-Blackbarne. His time for this event was 97.46 m.p.h. A three-lap nontrade members’ handicap followed ; this was won at

92.92 m.p.h. by A. J. Dussek on a Norton. For the fourth event, a three-lap sidecar handicap, there were eight starters, and while the speeds were not dazzling, the handicapping was accurately enough worked out to provide quite a lot of excitement at the finish when the first three riders were closely bunched together. They crossed the line in the following order :—L. J. Archer (New Imperial), C. S. Staniland (Excelsior-Blackburne), C. B. Bickell (Chater-Lea).

A very good field lined up for the big race, only nine of the original entrants failing to start. This left thirtythree riders, and as was anticipated the contest provided good fare for the crowd. Misfortune overtook many of the riders, however, and those who finished numbered only eighteen. The limit handicap man, 0. Horsman, put up an excellent show on his Zenith-Villiers and as he completed lap after lap it looked as if his chances were good. But meanwhile H. Michell (Velocette) was blazing round, creeping nearer and nearer to the leader. Then, two laps before the end he overhauled him and flashed home, the victor, at 94.68 m.p.h. E. C. Fernihough was third on an Excelsior-Jap, and the fourth man was C. J. Williams on a Raleigh. The latter put up an astoundingly brilliant performance by averaging for the whole race, 103.22 m.p.h.