motorcycles for 1931



Motorcycles for 1931

THERE is no doubt that 1931 is going to provide us with greater changes in. the motorcycle world, both in actual machines and in opportunities for their use, than any year since the war. In the last few years motorcycling has become available to a greatly increased public, and a new type of public at that ; the result has been a demand for a more uniform type. Individuality in design has rather given way to more uniform fashions, though each fashion has been due to some firm with sufficient courage to start something new. The Ariel concern have for some years been setting the pace, as it were, and having introduced saddle tanks a few years ago with such success that they are now de rigueur , it has gone one getter than everyone else ‘ ‘ 1 1 . / • / I i

make years,” when A. J.S., Norton, Sunbeam, Velocette, have in turn swept the board in the big events, so this year we have to hand the palm to Rudges, which though competition has never been keener, have achieved a list of victories which has never been surpassed. There is little doubt that more speedrnen than ever will cast covetous eyes on the Rudge stand at Olympia, but there will be no lack of enthusiasm round the other makes we have mentioned. Special models capable of very astounding performance are available to the public, and this leads us to sound a warning. Many motorcyclists, often fairly inexperienced, and not actually intending to go in for racing, are so attracted by the glittering, stripped, racing machine, that they think nothing else will do for them. Unless art artrval ranitto rtrnaratrirrita iQirita-nr1Pri fnr