Gliding Gossip and News

Gliding Gossip and News

MEMBERS of the motor trade appear to be amongst the keenest followers of gliding. Already several car firms have their own clubs, and one of the latest to be formed is the Wolseley Gliding Club. The President of this club is Mr. W. Cannell, Managing Director of Wolseley Motors, and Mr. Oliver Boden, 0.B.E., is Vice-president. Memberships figures now stand at 75, and although it is not intended that any gliding shall take place until next spring, subscriptions are coming in, in increasing numbers.

LAST month the London Gliding Club staged a meeting at Itford, Sussex for inclusion in a sound-film now being made by the Gaumont concern. Lupino Lane figures in the production, and for the purpose of the film, ' Colonel the Master of Sempill " doubled " him. He flew a Pruffing machine, clad in Lane's blazer, much to his own and the onlookers' amusement.

WETLEY Common, near Cheadle is the site chosen, and now being used by the recently formed North Staffordshire Gliding Club. In spite of rain and unsuitable weather conditions several successful meetings have already been held their during the past few weeks. It is announced that instructional sessions will be carried out every Sunday, under the guidance of Mr. Coles.

MR. Lowe-Wylde, the founder and leading spirit of the Kent Gliding Club gave a lecture on gliding recently at the Constitutional Club, Bexley Heath, when a large number of people associated with the movement were present. Mr. Lowe-Wylde, it may be remembered, has formed a company for the manufacture of gliders and sailplanes, and it is understood that the concern— known as the British Aircraft Co.—are now fully occupied in executing various orders for machines which they have lately received.

THE Bridlington Club, which was formed some time ago, has now fixed its headquarters at Fordon, Kent, where suitable ground has been found for preliminary training. The club owns a B.A.C. machine of a type which, by means of an interchangeable fuselage, can be converted into a soarer.

ON 14th October, the British Gliding Association held a dinner at the Trocadero, London, on occasion of the return to this country of Herr Robert Kronfeld. It may be recalled that during the recent International Competitions at the Wasserkuppe, the Association offered a prize for the pilot who flew the longest distance, the award taking the form.of a week's visit to England. Kronfeld proved the winner—hence his re-appearance. EQUIPMENT of the Isle of Wight Gliding Club has been progressing well during the past few weeks. The dual-control glider is now at the works of Saunders

Roe, Ltd., where it is being reconditioned, and delivery has already been accepted of a new machine—a B.A.C. II trainer. Unlike some other clubs, the Isle of Wight Club intends to carry on throughout the winter months ; apart from instructional work, members intend to build a third machine, preliminary work for which has already been started.

WE learn from the Sail-Plane Club of the T.M.A.C. that Mr. E. G. Smettem has now succeeded Mr. J. Welding as hon. secretary, the latter having resigned owing to pressure of private work. All communications should now be sent, therefore, to Mr. Smettem whose address is : 2, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4.

Included in the Club's proposed programme for the winter months is the construction of a sailplane, and negotiations are pending for the acquisition of a workshop in London. Prospective members should note that the subscription for the Club is 25 5s. per annum for flying members, and 21 is. for non-flying members.

THE Scarborough Club have secured the services, for a period, of Herr Magersuppe for giving instruction in soaring to their members on their new dual-controlled two-seater Kegel machine.

They took delivery of this craft early last month, and the occasion was marked by a ceremony at the Royal Hotel, Scarborough, where the Lady Mayoress christened it The Scarborough.

ORGANISED by the British Gliding Association, a two-days' inter-club gliding competition was held at Ditchling Beacon on October 18th and 19th. The event was highly successful, with favourable weather conditions, and no less than five club teams participating ; these were London, Kent, Surrey, Channel and Portsmouth. Besides team matches for elementary training machines of the " Zogling " type, and intermediate gliders, there were individual contests for pilots. The results were as follow : Individual duration competition (" Zogling " class) : Captain Stratton (Surrey Club), time 1.40 2/5 minutes. (Prize : silver cup, presented by Cloudcraft Glider Co.)

Individual duration competition (intermediate training type class) : R. Mathison (London Club), time 4.37 3/5 minutes. Inter-club team match (" Zogling " class). Teams of 3. Pilot's prize to be awarded for the best flight in the winning team : 1st, Surrey Club, time 7.4 4/5 minutes. Team award : dope (presented by TitannineEmaillite Co.)

Inter-club team match (intermediate training type class). Teams of 3: 1st, London Club, time 12.42 minutes. Awards were—dope (presented by the Cellon Co.), and a silver tankard as pilot's prize. The latter was won by R. Mathison.