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Telephone: Regent 1937.

71 Gerrard 3436.

-Telegrams : Agreynol, Piccy, London.

Rates (prepaid) IF per line (minimum 3 lines).

CLOSING DATE first post on the 23rd of the month, for publication on the 1st of the following month. NEW CARS FOR SALE

LAGONDA, Huskinson & Fane, Ltd. Grosvenor 3-4 3016.

QPECIAL, Lagonda Agents for West End. Trial runs at any time. Deferred Terms and your present car taken in part exchange.—Huskinson & Panel Ltd., 11, Curzon St., W.1. LAGONDA


M.G.—Huskinson & Pane, Ltd. Grosvenor 9016.

AUTHORISED M.G. AGENTS. Trial runs arranged at any time. Earliest delivery of all models, including New Mark II. 6-cylinder.—H. & Ltd. SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS ALFA ROMEO

1999 Alfa Romeo 3-litre 4-seater, in excellent condition, small mileage, fitted with Vanden Phis sports fabric body ; cost £1,050, flow offered at the exceptional price of £500. AUSTIN A USTIN 7 h.p. Supercharged 1930 model, with 4-1full makers’ equipment. Mileage under 3,000. This car is specially tuned (r.T. Type), and is capable

of a track speed of 90/95 Price 200 gns. FOr full particulars, view or trial, write B. Cooke, cio ” Widen,” t’.rimes Hill, Warwickshire.

A uniN Seven 1927″ Cup ” Model, fully equipped’ new hood, spotlight, and special exhaust system, £60. Box 815, MOTOR SPORT. BALLOT

BALLOT 2-litre 1928 4-dour saloon (fabric). Condition perfect, what offers ?—no dealers. Box 410 MOTOR SPORT. SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS (continued) BENTLEY

EVILL-DAV1IS and MARCH, Ltd., late of Bentley Motors, Ltd., 9, Bruton St., W.I. (second floor (Mayfair 5446-7), have a number of guaranteed second-hand Bentleys in stock. I. 996 Bentley Short Chassis 3-litre Vanden Plus 4-4 ,I-saiter Speed Model, grey and red, ex eeptiunal condition, taxed ; Ltd.,

8, Brick St., Park Lane, W. Gros. 1768-9. 1_,IENTLEY 3-litre Speed Model, exceptionally

smart 4-seater body, Triplex, rear screen, FAV.1.1., mechanically and coachwork faultless, taxed year, may extras; will accept £210.—John H. Cottou, 36, Bourdon St., Berkeley Sq., W.1. Mayfair 4870. 1 994 3-litre Bentley 2-seater Drop Head Coup6,

• extremely fine mechanical condition, just been repainted and completely overhauled ; £925.— Rawlings Bros., Cromwell Rd. S.W.7. Kensington 070. BENTLEY CARS—WANTED

EV1LL-DAVIES and MARCH, Ltd., will buy Bentleys ill good condition for cash.-9, Bruton St., W. I. C2 ad Floor). :%lay fair 5446. SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS


-NIODlilf CARS. Ltd., Specialists in Quick Motors, -A196, Great Portland St. Museum 2947-8. DELAGE DELAGE D.I.S.S., fitted special sports 4-seater body by Albany Carriage Co., very fast car ; 95 guineas.—Modern Cars, Ltd., Specialists in Quick Motors, 196, Great Portland St., W.1. Museum 2947-8, QPECIAL Sleeper Delage, in excellent couditiou, Ni 2-seater, boat deck body and dickey ;

cost over 22,000, price 195 guineas.—Modern Cars, Ltd., Specialists in Quick Motors, 196, Great Portland St., W. I. Museum 2947-8.


FRAZER NASH airs. Falcon Works, London Rd., Isleworth (Hounslow 3172) always have for disposal reconditioned and guaranteed airs, fitted with new tyres and F.W.B. prices from £125. HISPANO-SUIZA

f)94 Hispano-Suiza Type-Boulogne chassis, 2-seater polished aluminium body, red upholstery, chromium plate throughout, perfect condition very fast. Price 425 guineas, seen and tried. Thrupp & Maberley, Devonshire House, Berkeley Street, W. I. Grosvenor 3401. LEA FRANCIS

HY.P1E. SPoRTS, Supercharged 1927 Show Model, 4-seater Tourer, Blue Fabric Body, Cream Wheels. Engine, Back Axle and Brakes completely overhauled by Lea Francis, March, 1930, and practically all new parts fitted. Excellent condition. Will take 4130. Enquiries to—Cary, 138, Chandos House, Buckingham Gate, S.W.1. or Cam Red Bank, Manchester.

EWSOMES offer Mr. K. S. Peacock’s Le Mans 11 Lea-Franeis, 1i-litre, roller bearing supercharged engine, A.1. regulation 4-seater body, new in June and indistinguishable from new, an ideal fast touring car, specially built for this year’s I.e Mans Race ; full particulars on application • exchanges or terms arranged ; nearest offer to £400. -S. H. Newsome and Co., Ltd., 6, Hales St., Coventry. Lim 1926 Lea

Francis Tourer Maroon 12 h.p.

Meadow’s engine in perfect condition, gives excellent performance, fast and reliable, F.W. brakes, only done 22,000 miles. Those who know a good engine are invited to apply. What offer ? Apply Box A16, MOTOR SPORT.


GORDON W A and Co., Ltd.

SPECIAL London Agents for Mercedes Cars. 36-220 11.1). Type S. Spurts Tourer ; Z1,150.

Q. S.K.2-SEATER, done 4,000 miles,. carries full K-7 guarantee, £1 850.


1 9 3/1 SERIFS 38-250 tourer, new condition, £1,750.

A BOVE Car Carries Official La. Guarantee.-31, Brook St., Tel. : Mayfair 0267-8-9. run 6,000 miles

Gordon Watney Bond St., W.I.


19Qn (April) M.G. :midget, blue, specially tuned . om and faster than most, mileage 5,000 ; L140.-C. A. Paul and Co., 18, The Mall. Ealing 4633.

1925 M.G. Sports 4-seater, blue and aluminium, very nice order throughout, good tyres, fully equipped • £50.-Stuart and Co., 29, Vauxhall Bridge Rd., SVA • Victoria 1859.


30-98 VAUXHALL, tuned ttumneeddifaoilichsigliiwsia)yeesdlsarbgye selection of these cars in stock. Messrs. Modern Cars,

Ltd., 196, Great Portland Street, W.I. Museum 2947-8.

ATODERN CARS, LTD., the largest stock of 30/98 ± Vauxhalls in Great Britain. 196-198, Great Portland Street, W.I. Museum 2947. 3 0_9 Q H.P. VAUXHALL. Modern Cars, Ltd., (-.) Buy for cash. CI VAUXHALLS always in stock. Inune

eilf-i7U diate delivery. Messrs. Modern Cars, Ltd., 196, Gt. Portland St., W.1 Museum 2947. 30 9 • Vauxhall, with 4-seater sports body, . finished in grey and green. Good con

dition throughout, two new tyres and several sparesincluding carburettor. Not taxed, but would accept reasonable offer for quick sale. Write Box 803, MOTOR SPORT.


E hot up all cars. Austin 7’s a speciality. Boyd, V V Carpenter & Co., Ltd., 47, West End Lane, Maidavale 4977. “[UGH efficiency tuning on 30-98 Vauxhalls, for

hill-climbing, road and track racing, and all competition work undertaken by specialists and highly skilled mechanics. Apply Messrs. Modern Cars Ltd., 196, Great Portland Street, W.I I. Museum 2947-8.



ARTLET High Efficiency Pistons for Racing .1J-1and Sports Engines, oversize, high compression, special headshapes, etc.-Brooklands Engineering Co., Ltd., 13rooklands Track. ‘Phone : Weybridge 489.


28′.-SPAN single-seater biplane, fully rigged and ready to fly. Powered with 45 h.p. Anzani. IWwire bracing, instruments and quite complete. Can be seen by appointment near London. Write ” Rudderhar,” MOTOR SPORT Editorial Department.


Two 40-45 h.p. 6-cylinder radial A/174mi aero engines for sale, in good condition with magnetos, Carburettors, £8 each. Also Complete set of spare parts for same-pistons, valves, valve springs, tappets, cam wheels, cylinders, and exhaust and induction pipes. Offers. Write Box 772 c MOTOR SPORT.

EARLY new 5-foot airscrew, clockwise rotation, suitable for engine of 35-40 h.p. Will sell for £3. Box 805, MOTOR SPORT.


BITLL’S. ‘Phone, Temple Bar 1747. ‘Grams, ” Bulrublim, Westrand.” Value Economy ! ! Service ! ! ! L. J. Bull (Director), connected with the trade since 1895. Tyres carriage paid against remittance or c.o.d. first passenger train. Fitted free in 5 minutes. You want the best tyres ! We have them ! India, Dunlop, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Avon, Davies, etc., etc. London distributors for the internationally famous Seiberling Super mileage tyres. Bull’s tyres are ” real ” value.-Bull’s Rubber Co, Ltd., 3, Upper Saint Martin’s Lane, London, W.C.2.



No Connection with any other Firm. SQ LEWIS’S. -The Old Firm of Flying-Racing and Motor Clothing Fame, 19 and 27, Carburton Street, London, W. I. We wish our Thousands of Customers to know we have no connection with any other Firm. Flying Helmets, best Quality, Fur trimmed, 14s. 6d., 12s. 6d. ; All Leather Lined Chamois, 10s. 6d., I2s. 6d. ; Flat Type Phones, 5s.; Metallic Tubing and Rubber Connection, 2s. 6d.; Y Piece and Adapter combined, 3s. 3d. ; White Flying Suits, 25s. 6d.; Ditto, with Lightning Fasteners, 35s.; White Combination Suits, I4s. 6d.; White Flying Helmet, 6s. 6d.; Featherweight type Goggles, fitted genuine Triplex Lenses, slightly tinted, new W.D., 7s. ; Ditto, fitted genuine clear

Triplex Lenses, Ils. ; Aviation Mask Goggles, fitted genuine Tinted Triplex Lenses, 14s. 6d.; Ditto, fitted Tinted Triplex, 12s. 6d.; Meyrowitz Luxor Goggles, fitted Triplex unsplinterable lenses, 40s; R.A.F. Scarf, 5s. 6d.; Pilot’s Gauntlets, 12s. 6d. per pair ; Suede Golf Jacket, best quality, ideal for flying 50s. ; Silk Under Gloves, 2s. 9d. per pair, 2 pairs 5s. We are contractors to Foreign and Colonial Governments. S. Lewis’s, 19 and 27, Carburton Street, London, W.I.

No Connection with any other Firm.