Stinging the Motorist.

Stinging the Motorist.

COMPLAINTS from various parts of the country continue to reach the A.A. concerning the increasing demands upon motorists for the payment of fees for the parking of motorcars for short periods.

These charges are being made not only in the case of open spaces to which the public has a right of access, but for parking on the public highway, in spite of the fact that no statutory authority exists for such charges.

Furthermore, although the parking fee is generally supposed to be for the provision of an attendant, ally liability for loss of, or damage to, the motor vehicles in his " care " is stoutly disclaimed on the tickets. In the interests of its 430,000 members, The Automobile Association has investigated many complaints about such charges

and has taken legal opinion as to their legality.

Although the fees may be small, the cumulative effect of these "pin-pricks is arousing strong resentment. The A.A. is determined to resist these impositions, and is therefore concentrating on the subject with a view to establishing a definite ruling.

Overseas Sales and Service.

p.A.RIS is considered to be an important and convenient centre for the handling of automobile business for the Continent of liurope and certain overseas countries. People interested in the merchandising of cars, and others as buyers or users of cars visit Paris frequently. It is the intention of the manufacturers of Rolls-Royce cars, Humber cars, Hillman cars and Commer commercial vehi

des in association with Messrs. Rootes Ltd. to co-operate in establishing for their Continental and Overseas trade a service and sales organisation domiciled in Paris, and a company is being formed to take over the service and sales organisations of these manufacturers. This company will have showrooms and offices in the Avenue George V, and its main service organisation at Sevres, together with depots on the French Riviera and elsewhere according to circumstances.

The Rolls-Royce Company, of course, has for many years had its own sales and service organisation in Prance for the convenience of its customers living in and visiting that country.

Rolls-Royce engineers will, under the new arrangement, continue to reside in Paris to give technical advice and repair service on the products of the RollsRoyce Company.