A fairly easy route covered successfully by all competitors.

THE Afternoon Trial organiised by the Bugatti Owners Club was an entertaining run, in which good weather allowed all the competitors to check in at the finish.

Starting from the Bear Hotel Yard at Esher, the field was sent off at minute intervals, fierce 2-seater G.P. Bugattis being interspersed by Hornet saloons, two 0.M. ‘s, a Riley, some M.G.’s, a Chrysler, and a Talbot “90.”

After a winding route to include the descent of the Box Hill ” Zig-Zag,” competitors arrived at the hair-pin on Raumore Common, where an acceleration and braking test was held. Beyond the fact that the rain had washed the lines away except at the extreme verge of the road, this caused little difficulty, until P. Richards-Brown (Chrysler) failed to observe the starting marshal, although the latter waved his yellow flag with great vigour, and sailed gaily through the section, not even noticing the impressive figure of Mr. Lionel Martin in his world’slargest black mackintosh at the end of the timed section.

On Ranmore Common a Starting Test was held, in which drivers had to leap into the cockpit, start up, and get away, all in 11 seconds. Most people seemed to take 8. Winding lanes led to Shere, and from thence to Smithwood Common, at which stage C. E. MayoSmith, who was driving a 30/98 Vauxhall saloon instead of his 0.M., took a wrong

turning, but fortunately discovered his mistake in good time. After a check, there followed a timed hill-climb, where

Lusty’s Hornet saloon seemed to have a little difficulty.

Then to White Downs, which was in fair condition, but on which it was fatal to stop, for the wet chalk and leaves made it difficult to get a grip. R. J. W. Appleton nearly got into difficulties with his Riley ” Gamecock ” on the hairpin, but recovered. T. G. Moore (Talbot “90 “) was baulked by a descending car, and Appleton and Mrs. Garstin (M.G. Midget) were both involved in the same hold-up.

Back through Dorking to Westcott, a turn was made at the Wootton Hatch Hotel, which led up a long, very narrow bumpy hill, which was supposed to be observed, but wasn’t, the luckless officials being unable to locate their own hill ! At this point P. J. Field (Bugatti) lost his way, and found himself obliged to put in some fast work over the bumpiest part of the whole trial in order to regain time, greatly to the discomfort, both mental and physical, of his passengers. The last observed hill, Coldharbour, was in good condition, and caused little difficulty. The finish was at the Burford Bridge Hotel, and as all who had started succeeded in finishing, a cheery tea party resulted, which gave one cause to congratulate once again the

brothers Col. G. M. and E. L. with their willing helpers, on the success they have made of the Bugatti

Owners Club. Giles,