The Veterans’ Run.

THE annual run to Brighton for veteran cars will take place this year on November 20th, starting from Moon’s Garage in Buckingham Palace Road, at 9.29 a.m., the cars leaving at one minute intervals.

Anyone wanting to enter should get in touch with Mr. C. S. Burney, at Brooklands Aerodrome, Byfleet, Surrey.

A Rainy Southport.

THE last meeting at Southport this year was ruined as a spectacle by torrential rain, so that it was not surprising that spectators were conspicuous by their absence.

The programme opened with a series of straight mile races, in which P. Stephen-. son (Austin), J. S. Aked (A.C.) and J. Field (Bugatti) all won two races each. These were followed by 3-mile races (1/ laps), in which W. L. Thompson (Austin) displayed some neat corner work to win three classes, while Jack Field won two with the single-seater Bugatti. The 5-mile races produced some good performances by Noel Carr with his 2-litre Bugatti, who won the 2,000 c.c., 3,000 C.C. and unlimited classes, Jack Field and

C. J. Jackson (Sunbeam) being second and third respectively in the last two classes. In the 11-mile races, Stephenson (Austin) began to turn the tables on Thompson and won three classes, while Field did the same to Noel Carr in two classes. Finally, the 25-mile race, which was won by Carr, after a great duel with Field

until the latter fell out with engine trouble, produced some fine racing, classes being won by Parish (Austin), Carswell (FrazerNash) and Carr (Bugatti).

M.C.C. Sporting Trial Results.

HE following are the results of the M.C.C. Sporting Trial, a full account of which appears on page 4 of this issue. Premier Awards.-11.0. Midget (R. Littlewood-Clarke), Ford (W. J. Haward, J. P. Thompson, F. H. Grain, H. Hillcoat), Talbot (A. L. Marshall), Wolseley Hornet Special (L. Maxwell, J. J. Kennedy, Jnr.), Lea Francis (H. W. Burman, W. E. Holland), Riley (S. H. Roe, H. J. Ripley, A. G. Wincott, W. Waddicor), Frazer Nash (T. Twentyinan, D. G. Hopkins, W. A. Ponting, R. L. Bellamy, W. R. Nimmo), M.G. Magna (R. M. Mere, A. H. Langley), Bentley (R. R. K. Marker), Austin (J. G. Orford), Alvis (G. May, E. E. Budd), Jowett (A. H. Garland), Invicta

(C. M. Needham), Standard (J. H. Simpson). Silver Medals.—Alvis (G. Dracup), M.G. Magna (J. R. H. Baker, F. Sforza), Riley (F. Broomfield, C. V. Wells), M.G. Midget (G. Tunstall, 0. E. Taylor, H. M. Avery, W. H. Haden, P. B. Tanner, D. M. Fisher, N. C. Sharp, J. A. Berry), Frazer Nash (L. A. Cowcill, K. M. Roberts, R.. E. Wright, D. West, L. Butler-Henderson, F. B. Robinson, H. J. Aldington, M. Mitchell, Jur., D. A. Aldington), Talbot (P. D. Walker), Morris Minor (F. W. J. Bolton, J. M. Toumlin, C. A. Beech), .Standard (J. 0. Tice, B. P. W. Twist,

C. W. Maxwell-Reekie), A.C. (P. L. M Day, J. 0. Pige-Leschellag), Austin (H. C. Hobson), Wolseley Hornet Special (F. Allott, H. Laird, C. I. Robinson), Morris Major (A. Negal), Lancia (R. Bickford), Studebaker (J. P. T. Clarke), Rover (C. B.

E. Morgan), Triumph (H. Fielden), Vauxhall (S. R. Mitchell), Buick (C. J. Woolley), M.G. Six (A. B. Langley), Ford (J. W. Whalley).

Bronze Medals.—Morris Cowley (G. K. Collier), Austin (N. A. Prince), Frazer Nash (P. B. C. King).

41 cars failed on their first climb of Litton Slack, but only 32 failed on the second lap. Cowdale produced 3 failures, Blacker Mill 4, and Highcliffe (both circuits) 1.

Bugatti Club Trial Results.

ON another page appears a full report of the Afternoon Trial run by the Bugatti Owners’ Club. Below we give the full list of awards.

Silver Medal.—K. W. Bear (Bugatti).

Bronze Medal.—Bugatti (D. C. Cook, R. Williams, F. J. Field, A. Eason-Scott, L. G. Bachelier, G. M. Giles, C. Smith), Wolseley Hornet (V. W. Derrington, F. Pleasants, W. H. Ogilvie, J. T. Ridd), M.G. Magna (Castleton Knight), M.G. Midget (W. Everett, Mrs. (,arstin), O.M. (G. E. Mayo Smith, W. W. Blackstone), Talbot (T. 0. Moore), Vauxhall (D. McNeil). Team Award Result.—Bugatti Owners’ Club, Team No. 1, 297 points ; Bugatti Owners’ Club Team No. 2, 295 points ;

D. McNeil’s Team, 285 points.