At the end of September that queer little machine, the Vitesse Special, was brought out once more at Brooklands Track. This car has a single cylinder engine of 350 c.c. capacity. G. B. Grush was the only driver, and he collected four records within the space of one hour, all in International Class J (up to 500 c.c.). For a four-wheeler of such diminutive size the speeds obtained were truly remarkable, and a great credit to those who have spent efforts in bringing the car to its present pitch. Here are the records broken during the course of the run, together with the previous figures in brackets : 50 kilos., 73.44 m.p.h. (70.25 m.p.h.)

50 miles, 73.32 m.p.h. (70.73 „ )

100 kilos., 73.13 m.p.h. (70.88 „ )

I hour, 73.03 m.p.h. (70.95 „ ) A week later Whitney Straight made an attempt on his own lap record for the Mountain Circuit. His last figure to date was 53 secs., or 78 m.p.h., made with the old 21-litre black two-seater Maserati. As a matter of actual fact, Straight had already improved on this record unoffi

cially when he first obtained delivery of his 3-litre Maserati early this year, but now he wanted to place the fact on record. In the usual Whitney Straight fashion, every-thing went according to plan, and in the course of some extremely rapid laps he set up a new record of 531 secs., or 79.18 m.p.h. He only used single tyres at the rear, but his acceleration was really terrific. Before having to cut out for the corner the Maserati attained a speed of ‘125 m.p.h., so that the view of the car from the Paddock Grandstand was extremely impressive.