club news, November 1934



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The ” Sunbac News “continues to make its appearance every month, and records the doings of Club members in various sporting events. The September issue contains a praiseworthy article on “Manners,” an -appeal to members to show consideration and courtesy to other road users. That the Committee are fully aware of the power of sports motorists to set an example to others is shown by their’ intention to encourage this courtesy during trials—if necessary by restrictive regulations.

The subject of ” Who’s Who in the Club” is Ronald Hughes, the well-known Vauxhall driver. Other articles of interest are “The World of Sport,” and “The Group Trials.”

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. J. D. Woodhouse, 10, Warwick Chambers, Corporation Street, Birmingham.


The Speed Trials at Wetherby Grange, on September 16th, were a -great success. The field was divided into three classes, 1,100 c.c., 2,000 c.c., and unlimited. In the first group, easily the fastest competitor was M. Lax, with a Riley, who clocked 37.2 secs. The next man was A. Wadsworth, whose M.G. Midget was

8 secs. slower. ‘Whittaker’s unblown Magnette was three-fifths slower than the Midget. Lax was having a day out, for he went on to win the rest of the classes, improving on his time to 36.6 secs. and finally 36 secs. dead. In the 1,500 c.c. group he beat Marshall’s Frazer Nash, and a Type 40 Bugatti, driven by Surrvy Grant. In the ” unlimited” he beat a formidable opposition composed of Sir Ronald Gunter’s Maserati, Hall’s G.P. Bugatti, Gilbert’s FordV8, Rayner’s Vauxhall 30/98, Penclieon’s Railton Terraplane and Rhode’s 3-litre Bugatti.


The Gunter Cup.—M. Lax.

The Whittaker Award.—D. Rayner. Class 1.—Lax (Riley), 37.2s. • Wadsworth (M.G. Midget), 45.4s.; Whittaker (M.G. Magnette), 46s.; Pemberton (M.G. Midget), 47s.; Wilson (M.G. Midget),

50.2 ; Hewitt (Triumph Gloria), 54s. ; Ball (Austin 7 G.E.”), 54s.; Surrey Grant (Singer 9 Coupe), 58.2s. ; :taw (Riley), 59.6s.

Class 2.—Lax (Riley), 36.6s. ; Marshall (Frazer Nash), 43.2; Surrey Grant (Bugatti, Type 40), 44s.; Whittaker (M.G. Magnette), 45.8s. ; Wadsworth (M.G. Midget), 46s.; Hatribling (Bugatti, G.P.4), 46s. ; Denny (Riley 12/6), 53.6s. ; Pencheon (M.G.. Magna Coupe), 54.2s.

Class 3.—Lax (Riley), 36s.; Gunter (Maserati S), 37.2; Hall (Bugatti (LP.8), 39s.; Gilbert (Ford V,8), 42s.; Rayner (Vauxhall 30/98), 42.4s; Pencheon (Railton Terraplane), 43s. ; Rhodes (Bugatti, 3-litre), 45s. ; Whittaker (M.G. Magnette), 46.4s. ; Denny (Riley 12/6), 53s.

The Dinner and Dance has been fixed for Friday, December 14th, at Roundha.y Park Mansion, Leeds. The tickets will be 5s. each, and the awards will be presented after the Dinner.


The club journal “The Exhaust,” has now blossomed out into a bigger affair with a thick cover. It is published quarterly, and is full of bright news and announcements connected with the Club. The most important fixture on the Club’s list is the Thatcher Trophy

which will be held on November 18th. This event is also open to members of the N.W. London, -W.A.S.A., Cambridge University, Oxford University, United Hospitals, M.G., Banking and Insurance, Frazer Nash and Singer Clubs. The premier award is the Thatcher Trophy, which will be held for one year by the member scoring the most marks.

By the time these words are in print the ” Encore” dance will have been held at the ” Star and Garter ” Hotel, Kew Bridge. Pat Hendren, the famous cricketer had promised to give away the prizes during the evening. The Annual Dinner and Dance will be held at the same place on February 20, 1935.

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. C. J. A. Curd, 30, Denehurst Gardens, Richmond, Surrey.


This Club has been formed as an answer to the old question ” How can I graduate to the wheel of a racing or

comiv•i it i(.11 car ? ” The guiding spirits are Mr. . C. P. Magwood, ice-hockey and boxing champion, and Mr. Tommy Hann, who will be remembered for his curiously named cars at Brooklands many years ago.

There are three grades of membership, full members paying one guinea subscription; associates, half-a-guinea, and students half-a-crown. The qualifications to become a full member are a willingness ” to assist either technically or practically in some capacity in the preparation of cars for races, to work in the pits, to ride as mechanics, and to drive cars in various races and competitions.” The funds of the Club will be devoted to building and racing Club cars. Club Headquarters will be Mr. Harris’s shed in the Paddock at Brooklands, while premises in London are being arranged.

Student membership is confined to boys at Preparatory schools and men at Varsities and in the the Services, who do not own cars. The prospectus of the Club goes on to say that “The Team Spirit and a high standard of British sportsmanship will be expected of all members of the Club.” Also, “The object of all members and officers of the Club is identical, i.e., the winning of the maximum number of prizes, both to the credit of the individual and the general prestige of the Club.”

The prospectus concludes by stating that the Club has no connection with any motor-business or commercial undertaking whatsoever.

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. Chas. Terry, 5, Regents Park Road, Gloucester Gate, London, N.W.1.


The annual London to Gloucester Trial is one of the big events of the winter season, and this year is scheduled to take place on December 8th. Regulations and entry forms will be available at the end of October from the Hon. Trials Secretary, Mr. J. Mann, Derby Works, Finsbury Park, London, N. 4.