Don't talk to me about "Calorific Value' on a morning



like this. I want to know why I’ll get a quicker, surer start with


I’m late for the office. My car won’t start. And you talk to me about “Calorific Values.”

just let me explain . .

. .

Explain this. I nearly ran my battery down trying to get a single explosion out of the engine. Finally, she ” popped ‘ once and died. Then, at long last, she spluttered, but when I tried to rev her up, she died again. Now the battery won’t turn her over. You would be of much more help if, instead ot talking you would get the crank out from under the back scat.

My dear chap; remember, your engine is still with thick cold oil .

You’re telling mt r

And you need more than just the first “pop that a highly volatile fuel produces. You have got to have continued power—quick power, sure power, to keep your engine turnine after that first explosion.

Oh, bow 1 agree. With ordinary winter wet, even after you have your engine

started vou must allow for a considerable period of idling before you dare let your clutch in or the engine will stall and you will have to go through the whole performance again.

So I have noticed.

Now, in Cleveland Winter Discol you have a highly volatile fuel, the specially selected winter grade of Cleveland Motor Spirit. That gives you the quick explosion. But, after that, you have more uniform, more compact and, strangely enough, cooler charges of fuel in your cylinders than with other fuels —charges which will stand up to a compression ratio of 81} to I, whereas the ordinary fuel will only stand up to 6 to 1.

And where does that lead us

That leads you to a quick start and a continued start—power, smooth and sure to keep your engine turning over. Remember, there is more to a good winter petrol than just a quick explosion. That’s why I say Cleveland Winter Discol is the ideal fuel for cold weather. Is that clear ?

All right ; Get the crank out and we’ll look for the firs’ Cleveland Discol pump.

“Cleveland” is the Trade Mark name of Petroleum Storage r nd Finance Corporation Ltd., and ” Discol” the Trade Mark name of The Distillers Company Lea.

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