The Kimberley “100” Motor-cycle Race

The Kimberley 100 motor-cycle event was marred by a serious dust-up on ” Schubbes Corners.

George Elliott of Bloemfontein got into a bad speed wobble and was struck broadside on by W. G. Letley his teammate—two other riders, Alf Long and R. T. Bridle, who were immediately behind, crashed into the others.

Elliott was rushed to hospital but died a short while later. The other three were not seriously hurt. The race started in unpleasant windy weather and after twelve laps (about 85 miles) Wilson on a 250 c.c. James led from

Barnett, Legar and Bell. The fastest lap time up to this stage was registered by Galway on a 500 c.c. o.h.v. Norton. Galway went on from scratch to catch Wilson who had 37 mins. 50 secs. on Galway. Wilson was caught on the last lap. The positions were


1. Galway (500 c.c. o.h.v. Norton).

2. Wilson (250 c.c. T.S. James). 3. A. S. Taylor (500 c.c. o.h.v. Vincent H.R.D.)

Galway lapped at an average speed of 77.41 m.p.h.

The Kimberley” 100″ Motor-car Race

Nineteen cars lined up for the start. Thompson in a 747 c.c. Austin was first away—an hour and five mins. before Roderick in his 2,600 c.c. supercharged Alfa-Romeo. Roderick was lapping at 88 m.p.h. and shaking off the tail enders in an attempt to catch Thompson

but lost his chance when his engine overheated and cost him 10 mins. in the eighteenth lap—he had the same trouble a little later on and had to retire. Thompson had held his lead for twenty-one laps when a rear tyre burst, but he got going again after an exceedingly fast wheel change. Jackson in a Ford V8 was lapping at 77 m.p.h. and rapidly catching the little Austin but could not quite do it and Thompson went on to win from Jackson who was followed by

D. Van Riet (Austin), Miller, Woodhead, Sarkis.

The team prize was won by the Austin’s team consisting Of Van Riet, Anderson, Thompson.

The Coming Second Rand Grand Prix

Excellent prospects for the forthcoming Rand Grand Prix are still held. The overseas entry at this stage are : Lord Howe ( E. R. A. ) ; Raymond Ma.ys ( E. R.A.) ; N. Wilson (E.R.A.) ; W. G. Everitt (Riley); Count ” Johnny ” Lurani (Maserati) ; P. Tarruffi (Maserati) ; L. Villoresi (Maserati) ; W. Hartmaim (Maserati) ;

E. Siena (Alfa-Ronieo).

Here is a brief list of some of the South African drivers :— ” Mario ” (2.7 Maserati) ; Steve Chiappini (Maserati); McNicol (Talbot) ; P. Robert (Bugatti) ; ‘I’. Lawrence (Bugatti) ; Clark (Brooklands Riley) ; Roderick (2.6 Alfa-Romeo), to mention only a few. .

The races are due to be run on December 16th. In the morning are to be held the fourth Silver Springbok Trophy Races for South African drivers only, and in the afternoon the Rand Grand Prix. Then later on this year and early next year are to be held the South African Grand Prix at East London and the Grosvenor Grand Prix in Capetown.

Last year when the track was new Hans Ruesch put up a lap record of 52 m.p.h. He was touching 138 m.p.h. on the straight but the circuit has been modified and Roderick raised the record to 65.82 m.p.h. And now that the track has been perfected evcn more we should see the sparks 4111