Book Review

Speed Camera,” by E. S. Tomkins. (Foulis, 10s. 6d.)

We have sometimes claimed that we are motoring enthusiasts who write rather than journalists who motor. In the same way, reading this entertaining 100-page book about how to photograph motor racing, it is evident that the author is an enthusiast who takes his camera to motor-race meetings, rather than a professional camera-man. He writes of his art in a pleasingly informal style and, while telling us a lot about photography, cameras, materials and technique, also gets over the spirit which prevails at race meetings far more effectively than many who write of racing itself. He includes interesting references to well-known photographers, describes popular venues, picks your camera for you and tells you what to watch for during a race. There are 56 photographs, some poorly reproduced, but all well worth having. A very useful contribution to motoring literature.