A LETTER FROM MR. ALDINGTON Sir, Reference the reports on the recent Sheisley Walsh Hill-climb and the statement that only the 500-c.c. racing record was broken, it would seem, on information received by us from Mr. Leslie Wilson, that D. C. Pitt's climb is a new 2-litre sports car class record. Mr. Wilson tells us that the best pre-war times in the 2-litre class were as follows :— 1939 Fans (Frazer-Nash-D.M.W.) 46.12 ace. 1938 Pane (F'razer-Nash-B.M.W.) 47.01 „ 1937 Heineman 43.46 „ 1988 Pane (Frazer-Nash-B.H.W.) 46.77 „ Since the war there have apparently been no sports car awards except in 1946, when the weather was extremely bad and sports car times were in the neighbourhood

of 50 and 60 seconds.

A further point of interest is that this was the first time Mr. Pitt had competed at Shelsley. It was pointed out to him after his first climb that he was only 0.15 see. outside the absolute sports car record for the hill by Connell's 4-litre Darracq. Unfortunately, his expectations of making a new sports car record for the hill on his second climb, which seemed almost a certainty, were ruined by the rain.

To end on a reminiscent but somewhat sad note, it is not difficult to imagine, now that the post-war Frazer-Nash% is becoming established, the fun Fans would now be having driving these latest models. Apart from our loss in not actually having him with us for himself alone, a is not difficult for us to visualise, from the driving point of view, his having handled the Frazer-Nash in the various races this year. I am, Yours, etc., For A.F.N. Limited,

Isleworth. W. H. ADDINGTON. * * *