Earls Court Echoes



Interesting speculation as to which really is the fastest car in the show. As one cannot put a stopwatch on static exhibits, Motor Sport refuses to take sides. But we note that Fiat claim 128 m.p.h. for their 2-litre V8 coupe, 87.5 m.p.h. in third gear.

An exhibit you should not miss is the model on the Motor Iindustry Research Association’s stand of the new test track for use of the British motor industry.

Very fine are the coloured pictures of competition scenes on the Jaguar and Sunbeam-Talbot stands.

A wasp-like insect has alighted on the front of the Kaiser Manhattan.

Panhard show only two cars, of which the open two- three-seater Dyna has a fixed screen with rigid glass side-pieces, a bench seat and high doors.

A scale model DB II appears on the Aston-Martin stand.

The girls will love the cream Morgan Plus 4 two-seater and coupe.

We understand that the blue tyres on one of the Peugeot 203 saloons are nothing to do with Kay Petre!