Some Accessories at the Show

Tyre Products, Ltd., 303, Harrow Road, Wembley. Typrod rubber car mats and link mats for industrial and domestic uses.

Bowden (Engineers), Ltd. Wire mechanisms and pipe units.

Tecalemit, Ltd., Great West Road, Brentford. Garage service equipment, mechanical lubricating plant, oil filters, grease guns.

A.C.-Delco. Instruments, gauges, oil and petrol pumps, electrical equipment, electric motors.

Thomas Meldrum, Ltd., John Street. Sheffield, 2. Tools and accessories, axle stands, heavy-duty wrenches.

Servais Silencers, Ltd., Ashford Road. N.W.2. Silencers, air intakes.

Turner Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Villiers Street, Wolverhampton. Two-stroke Diesel engines. Land Rover conversion units.

Automobile Plastics, Ltd., 62, High Street, Barnet. Plastic and reinforcing materials for repairs to steel and aluminium coachwork.

Girling, Ltd., Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham 11. Power-assisted steering; hydraulic, vacuum-servo and disc brakes.

Laystall Engineering Co., Ltd., 53, Great Suffolk Street, London, "Cromard" cylinder liners, Laystall crankshafts, high-compression cylinder heads.

Toledo Woodhead (Sheffield), Clifton Works, Sheffield 3. "Roadmaster" spring control and recently introduced "Snow-Shoes," steel tyre grips for use in snow or mud.

David Brown & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd. Spiral bevel final-drive units.

Marchal Distributors, Ltd., Great West Road North, Brentford. Lamps, horns and electrical equipment, sealed beam conversion sets.

Delaney Gallay, Ltd., Edgware Road, N.W.2. Heaters and demisters, oil coolers, radiator grilles, fuel tanks.

Michelin Tyre Co., Ltd., 1, Fulham Road, S.W.3. Tyres, incorporating new features and giving increased tread mileage.

Philips Electrical, Ltd. Battery dry shavers, car radios and lamps.

Zenith, Ltd., Honeypot Lane, Stanmore. Carburetters and fuel filters.

Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd., Norfolk Street, W.C.2. Rubber equipment and all types of tyres.

Edison Swan, Electric Co., Ltd., 155, Charing Cross Road, W.C.2. Batteries, battery chargers and motor lamp bulbs.

Imperial Chemical industries, Ltd. Leathercloth trimmings, paints, radiator units, flexible fuel tanks.

Notek Electrical Co., Ltd., 23, London Road, Bromley. Foglamps, driving lamps, reflectors, replacement units.

Smiths Motor Accessories, Ltd., 50, Oxgate Lane, Cricklewood, N.W.2. Instruments, hydraulic equipment, jacks, heaters, docks, batteries, radios, anti freeze.

Belling Lee, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield. Direction indicators, warning lamps, T.V. suppressors.

Automotive Products Co., Ltd. Oil filters, transmission systems, suspension joints, power steering, disc brakes, brake systems.

Trico Folberth, Ltd., Great West Road, Brentford. Screen washers, inidicators, horns.

Oldham & Son, Ltd. Batteries incorporating novel features.

Parion Products, Ltd., Witham, Essex. Business or professional trailer caravans.

Key-Leather Co., Ltd. Heaters, sun vizors, radiator blinds, pressure gauges, garage equipment, insect deflectors.

E. K. Cole, Ltd., Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Complete range of car radios.

Associated Commercial Vehicles, Ltd. A.E.C. Marine Diesel engines.

Joseph Locas, Ltd., Great King Street, Birmingham, 19, Electrical equipment of all kinds, lamps, horns, magnetos, dynamos, screen wipers, indicators, defrosters, mirrors, batteries.