November events

The outstanding fixtures next month are the Diamond Jubilee RAC Brighton Run on November 4th and the MCC National Rally from November 8th-10th. The Veteran Car Run is a national institution watched by millions of spectators. As usual it starts from Hyde Park at 7.30 am, the first arrivals reaching Brighton around 11 am. We appeal to all who use the Brighton Road that Sunday to give the drivers of the veterans as much road space as possible-most drivers of modern cars do this very willingly but the club motor-cyclists tend to come close, knowing their skill and acceleration can get them safely by-nevertheless, this is nerve-wracking to those holding tillers and tending primitive machinery, so please give them a wide berth.

The MCC Rally starts from Manchester, Kenilworth, London, Bathgate, Norwich, Cardiff and Glasgow and converges on a common route after Harrogate, through Yorkshire, Westmorland, the Northumberland Moors, the Lake District and into Wales; to finish at Hastings, where the first competitor is due about 8 am on November 10th. Final tests take place at Hastings from then until 3 pm. Entries have closed but details of the route can be obtained from the MCC, 76, Kinnerton Street, London, SW1.