Some Accessories at Earls Court



Joseph Lucas  Stands 252, 253, 316, 317

General electrical equipment and accessories can be seen on this stand. More new mirrors are being made available, especially those for wing mounting! Lucas self-aligning wing mirrors models 406 and 407 are of interest. The new sports coils will also be available as announced in August this year. The new beamsetter is a recent item of equipment for garages but there will be a host of other items of equipment for the private motorist to see.

Ferodo  Stand 298

A display of the many different materials for brake linings is on view. The latest materials developed specially for cars are the disc brake qualities, VG98, DS3 and DS5. Ranges of Ferodo clutch linings may also be seen as well as the familiar fan belts, brake shoes and clutch plates sold as replacement units for popular cars.

Girling  Stand 318

The present new developments concerning brakes for cars are centred on disc types. Girling discs are at present fitted only to high-speed cars such as the TR3, Aston-Martin, A.C. and other production models. A Girling vacuum servo unit is on view for trailer brakes or conventional drum brakes.

Smiths  Stands 249, 337

Famous for many years for car accessories, Smiths have a fine range for the perusal of motorists at Earls Court. As makers of jacking systems, car heaters, instruments, thermostats, anti-freeze, flexible pipes, batteries and, most recently introduced, complete air conditioning systems.

Marchal  Stand 393

Motoring enthusiasts will find much to interest them on the Marchal stand. A comprehensive range of lamps and horns will be displayed in the gallery on an island site. The popular senior and junior “Fantastic” fog and road lamps will be on view.

Desmo  Stand 349

Well-known for their many accessories, Desmo will have their usual comprehensive range of mascots, mirrors, licence-holders, tyre gauges, visors and many other items in the accessory section. New items are the reversing lamp, licence holder, grab handle and range of paraffin heaters. Also on show for the first time at the Motor Show is the now well established Car Baby Chair. The Desmo picnic chairs are also established favourites which can be seen and tried.

Michelin  Stand 204

Motorists looking ahead to the winter months will be interested in the well-known Michelin “X” tyres and also the “Allgrip” range for greater grip and wear. Michelin tubeless tyres will also be on show.

Lockheed Brakes  Stand 373

It is not necessary to describe the many different types of brakes which are supplied by this company or to list those cars which fit them. Lockheed brakes have long been the yardstick by which other products in this field are measured. The latest improvements concern an improved leading and trailing shoe type with power operation.

Dunlop Wheel & Rim Co., Ltd.   Stand 430

A Jaguar disc brake used on the Le Mans cars can be inspected on this stand.

Servais Silencers  Stand 394

A collection of the Servais straight-through silencers may be viewed on this stand with some of the special installations for Morris and Ford cars.

Wilmot Breeden  Stand 328

Most British cars utilise one or more Wilmot Breedon parts in their production. This firm makes many components such as door locks, bumpers, ashtrays and other items.

Karobes  Stand 178

Those interested in making the interiors of their cars look more attractive and at the same time, warmer, had better pay a visit to the Karobes stand where a great variety of materials for loose covers and rugs is being shown.

Bosch  Stand 391

This famous German firm is renowned for its production of reliable electrical equipment. Visitors to the stand can see heaters, lamps, plugs and other essential items for cars.

Exide  Stand 383

The customary range of batteries will be on this stand and the new silver Exides in polystyrene cases can be seen.

Barnacle  Stand 365

Accessories which are applied to the windscreen by means of rubber suction pads constitute the bulk of the Barnacle products. The most noteworthy are licence holders and ash trays which are affixed by this principle.

Dunlop Tyres  Stand 209

A full range of Dunlop tyres with special examples for unusual purposes may be seen on this stand.

Pirelli  Stand 205

High-speed and special tyres for cars with independent front suspensions may be examined on this stand.