Casablanca Murmurings

Masten Gregory had a rough ride in the new Maserati which was not handling properly—shock-absorber troubles.

Allison kept frightening himself and discovered afterwards that a rear h b was wobbling in its housing, allowing the wheel to steer as well as the front ones,

Phil Hill did just what was expected of him; Ferrari were pleased but not satisfied, they would have liked him to have won.

Bonnier was the surprise of the rare-seems he's decided to really get down to Grand Prix racing and take it seriously. The B.R.M's went well, but still not well enough to win.

If a Vanwall does not lake pride of place at Earls Court blame the S.M.M.T.-have the motor industry no interest in the wonderful efforts of Mr. Vandervell and his team ? Moss should be allowed to do a " tour d'honneur " of Loudon in a Vanwall on Lord Mayor's Show Day; in fact let the whole team do " a lap of the City of London " on closed roads.

1958 is Britain's finest year since motor rating began. D.S.J