New Triumph Spitfire



5-point lead among light sports cars

FASTER GETAWAY Standing quarter mile, 19.5 seconds. Top speed, 92 mph. These performance figures put the new Spitfire way ahead. All from the Herald 1147 cc engine with twin carburettors. And the Spitfire has all the Herald mechanical wizardry, too.

INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION Each wheel is separately sprung. That’s why the Spitfire corners at speed with a sureness most cars only give on the straight. (And don’t forget the steel-girder chassis, braced at every stress-point.)

TIGHTER TURNING Whip the Spitfire round in one go (24 ft is all you need) while other cars are making the 3-point turns! Ideal for town parking, and a winner in your club’s driving tests.

DISC BRAKES No risk of brake fade with these iron wheel anchors—however hard or often you use them. Unaffected by rain; self-adjusting. One more reason why the Spitfire is such an impressively safe sports car.

LUXURIOUS AS A COCOON Deeply upholstered seats cushion you in luxury. Wind-up windows seal out the wind. Tailored hood shields you from rain in seconds (makes you wonder why sports cars ever have to be spartan!) All for only £729.15.3 including p.t.

faster down the straight-first through the bends

TRIUMPH TR4 Tough 110-mph sports car with a racing pedigree and all the comfort of an expensive saloon (wind-up windows, full-height doors, spacious cockpit). 2138 cc engine, 4-cylinder. Front disc brakes; 4-speed gearbox, all synchromesh.

£1,032.5.3. Hard top model £1,080.7.9. Prices include p.t.