Daimler Sovereign - Jaguar 420

BOTH the Jaguar and Daimler ranges are extended for 1967, while all existing models continue in production. To the Jaguar line-up is added the model 420 which has a Mark 2 “S” body with all-independent suspension, a new frontal styling reminiscent of the Mark 10, and a two-carburetter 245 b.h.p. version of the 4.2-litre 6-cylinder X.K. engine. The Jaguar Mark 10 is renamed the 420G, having a new radiator grille, different wheel trim, full-length chromium mouldings and “repeater” turn-indicators on the wings.

A new Daimler model, the Sovereign, has the same specification as the Jaguar 420 but has the traditional fluted grille. This happens to be the first time that Jaguar have gone in for “badge-swapping,” only a short time after the merger with B.M.C. The Sovereign fills a gap between the 2½-litre V8 and the 4½-litre Majestic.

Both the Jaguar 420 and the Daimler Sovereign have a new version of the overhead camshaft engine, equipped with two (instead of three) S.U. HD8 carburetters. A maximum of 245 b.h.p. is developed, and maximum torque is 282 lb. ft. Both have four-headlamp systems, alternators, and interior refinement running to punched leather upholstery. The Daintier, costing £2,120 including tax, has Varamatie power steering, overdrive on the 4-speed gearbox, and a heated rear window. The Jaguar 420, costing £1,930, has a 4-speed gearbox as standard equipment. It is claimed to do 121 m.p.h. and reach 100 m.p.h. in 25.4 seconds.