Mr. M. H. Armstrong’s attitude to garages concerning M.O.T. tests, based on one, albeit hair-raising, .encounter, is wholly unreasonable. He is under the misguided impression that garages actually make a profit on these inspections. The whole test never takes less than three-quarters of an hour. This not only includes inspecting the car, but also writing out the certificate and entering particulars of the test in a large log-hook and sending it up to the Ministry of Transport.

Anyone will tell you that three-quarters of an hour or more of skilled mechanic’s time cOsts the garage a lot more than a mere 15/-. Your correspondent has obviously forgotten that •somebody has to pay for the lifts and jacks used in the test, the brake testing meter, tools, rent, rates and electricity. Make a profit on M.O.T. tests? The garage considers _itself lucky if it comeS away with a loss less than 7/fl, on each inspection.

Brighton. P. R. STIMPSHN.