For Charity

Long-distance charity walks, in which the too-young, the old, and fit in-betweeens frequently take part, at best becoming halt and lame,at the worst being injured or killed, when a walker in the road-gets hit by a car. are popular. So it would seem that one of our readers who wants to raise money for Oxfam in the comparative safety of his car, has something. His idea is that he will endeavour to drive from Singapore to London within eight weeks, in a rebuilt 1951 Fiat 500. His idea is that someone or some company might like to pay a sum of money to Oxfam, if he succeeds. He has prepared a brochure of his proposed journey, copies of which he sent to several leading organisations here and in Singapore which might have derived publicity from this forthcoming adventurous journey, It is sad to have to report that the majority did not have the courtesy even to reply, The difficulty is that our would-be charity driver Must start his journey in December, before the Rains. But we have his address and he could presumably be reached by cable, if anyone cares to back for charity a brave venture involving an aged small car rebuilt by students. They hope Oxfam may benefit to the extent of £500 to £1000 if backing is obtained and the Fiat gets here within the sell-set target time. If it doesn’t the only loser would be Oxfam.