A Peterson Puzzle


I have just seen The Italian Grand Prix on TV and I must compliment them on their change of presentation, no more the complete and utter devotion to the first three cars and J. Stewart Esq. I saw the majority of the field at least three times. This is not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.

The end of the race had me baffled. Why, oh, why, didn't Ronnie Peterson slow and let his team mate pass? A small thing surely. It wouldn't have hurt Mr. Peterson. In doing so, he would have given Fittipaldi the chance of the World Championship (however slim). I know that Peterson is on a par with Fittipaldi in the Lotus team, but if he had slowed he would have won a great deal of respect for himself. He is part of Team Lotus and, surely, they would prefer a World Championship and a 4th to a 2nd and 3rd?

Slade Green. Ian Smith