Page 60 of March 2018 issue thumbnail Page 60, March 2018

Power and glory

A combustible mix of politics and potency turbocharged an unforgettable racing decade If the first Grand Prix of the 1980s in Buenos Aires fought for newspaper space with international darts from...

Page 64 of March 2018 issue thumbnail Page 64, March 2018

Come all ye faithful

Group C was a party and everyone was invited, making it one of the great eras of sports car racing What is the greatest era of sports car racing? Many would plump for the seasons covered by the short...

Page 88 of March 2018 issue thumbnail Page 88, March 2018

Cologne Capri: Under the skin

Our technical analysis tracks down which compromises are due to the architecture and which come down to set-up Subtle they were not – bewinged saloon cars with wheel arches on steroids, big fat...

Page 102 of March 2018 issue thumbnail Page 102, March 2018

Lunch with... Felipe Massa

After 15 seasons in Formula 1, 11 GP wins and a close encounter with the world title, the popular Brazilian seeks a change in a new arena Its streets are notoriously congested during Grand Prix...

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