Before We Lose Track

Before We Lose Track

THE 1975 Grand Prix Ferraris were an entirely new series of cars but they continued the 1974 serial numbers and one final 1974 car was built for the early part of this season, this being 3I2B3/020, which was used in the South American races and was the spare car in South Africa, where the 1975 cars made their first appearance. As the 1975 cars were notable for the 5-speed gearbox being situated between the engine and rear axle line and mounted transversely, instead of out the back and in line with the engine, the new models were loosely dubbed 312T (transversale). T1 started the new series and was number 018 in the 312B3 (flat 12-cylinder) series of cars. Number 019, the second of the transversale cars, was destroyed in a private testing session during the development days of the new model, so that the second car to appear in a race was number 021. All told there have been five 1975 Ferraris in use this season, new cars first appearing in South Africa, at Silverstone for the International Trophy, Monaco and at the Paul Ricard circuit for the French GP.

T1-312B3/018—First appeared S. African GP driven by Lauda. Finished fifth. Then became spare car for the team. T2-312B3/021—First appeared S. African

GP driven by Regazzoni. Retired. Raced frequently by Regazzoni, occasionally used as spare car. Won Swiss GP at Dijon-Prenois.

T3-31283/022—First appeared at Silverstone for Daily Express International Trophy driven by Lauda. Finished first. Used as team car through season. Won French GP.

T4-312B3/023—First appeared Monaco GP driven by Lauda. Finished first. Also won Belgian GP, Swedish GP and United States GP.

T5-3 12B3/024—First appeared French GP driven by Regazzoni. Retired. Won Italian GP and secured Manufacturers' Championship title for the Scuderia Ferrari.