(October 4th) LAST MONTH we commented on a pleasant day by the sea at Brighton, watching the annual Speed Trials along the Madeira Drive. A similar and equally pleasant event was the annual sprint over i-kilometre on the sea

front at Weston-super-Mare, run by Burnham-on-Sea Motor Club with sponso ship by Cheltenham Cameras Ltd., a fi owned by a keen motor racing enthusiast. is always pleasant to find a local coun encouraging our sport, allowing the clos of a road and general disruption of no seaside facilities, in the furtherance of annual speed event as an end-of-sea attraction to a popular watering place.

The Weston-super-Mare speed trials b in October 1948, then organised by the Brist Motorcycle and Light Car Club, and fast time of the day made by Kenneth McAl with a 2.9-litre 8 CM Maserati, with Kenn Hutchison second in a 3.2-litre Mon Alfa Romeo and third was Dennis Poore a 3.8-litre Alfa Romeo.

This year fastest time overall was ma by Bob Rose in a 5.7-litre Chevrolet V powered McLaren, second was Tony Griffit in his Brabham BT33 with Cosworth power, and third was Roy Lane, this ye RAC Hill-Climb Champion, in his G with Chevrolet V8 power. These cars, a others, were clocking over 150 m.p.h. at end of the run on the narrow sea-front which was .a sight well worth seeing.

As at Brighton a motorcycle class was ia eluded in the programme and Ron Hugh clocked fastest time on his superchar. 750 c.c. Triumph-twin drag-bike in 12.92 which compares with the 12.05 sec. by Rose. Footnote: The first three drivers in 1 are no longer actively involved in the but McAlpine is, of course, a member of famous building and contracting family, P is Chairman of the troubled Norton-Villi Triumph motorcycle group, and Hutchison living in retirement in Italy, and we recet1 received a postcard from him congraurla us on the Jubilee issue of MOTOR SPOR1 , being one of our long-standing keen readers. 1