Used Morgan Inflation

Used Morgan Inflation


You probably know that the waiting time for a new Morgan from the date of ordering is approximately three years. The good part about this is that many cars are being exported (cheers) which helps our balance of payments and even Japan is included in this.

The bad thing is that if one is an enthusiast, not to say obsessed with the marque as lots of people are, this means that a great deal of patience is required. The position is exacerbated by non-genuine orders from persons who will immediately sell their new machine at a profit.

When one considers that the price of a new 4/4 1600 2-seater without extras is roughly £2,300 it is rather depressing to note in October's MOTOR SPORT one firm offering a 1970 version (admittedly a 4-seater and with only 5,020 miles on the clock) for not less than £3,000!

With exploitation of this kind going on it pays to be patient. As you mention elsewhere the price of Morgans in many of your advertisements is conSpicous by its absence.

I will not eulogise as much as some of your correspondence about your magazine; it has all been said and I endorse it. Tunbridge Wells B. 0. W. JAMIESON