Jensen CV8s

Jensen CV8s Sir,


Further to the letter entitled "Better Buy Bigger" in the June issue of MOTOR SPORT from Mr. P. Fredrick de Frere, and to Mr. Malcolm J. Ratcliffe's letter regarding Jensen CV8s in the August issue.

I can endorse the remarks of both these gentlemen, for having had to-date 40 Jensen CV8s, I am fortunate in having had some experience in the running and maintenance of these cars, I have heard of little or no trouble.

Most owners of these cars have become members of the Jensen Owners' Club, of which I am vice-president, and members are offered sperial insurance rates through Lloyds.

I would be happy to offer my experience and advice regarding these fine cars to any of your readers. Congratulations to the Editor and staff of MOTOR SPORT on their CrOlden Jubilee. Incidentally I have advertised in MOTOR SPORT since 1928. Northampton J. ASHFORD-FLEET