The Monotrace


Further to the article on the Morgan Monotrace I would like to point out that there were connections with Morgan of Malvern. The Monotrace was in fact designed by H. F. S. Morgan in .about 1923 but probably never had the courage to offer it in England. None were made here but Morgan had motoring connections with France (DarmontMorgan) and so this design went to France, being bought by a man named Monotrace. Over 200 were built at a small factory near Lyon but there are only six known of in France today,

One can be found at the Motor Museum of "Cheval Noir" at Clercs near -Rouen, Northern France. This specimen is a Type Sport model, being devoid of hood and luggage rack. It has three gears with a right-hand change, normal three pedal controls, a. handbrake, a hand decompressor inside the cockpit and also a huge lever which served to lift the outrigger wheels when once well under way! Entry is effected by a door on the left-hand side.

The engine was a forward-facing horizontal single-cylinder with a Cozette carburetter and a Manelli magneto. Fitted with an external kickstart the engine was of simple construction and devoid of manufacturer's markings and probably made purely for the Monotrace.

I must thank Richard Brown for his personal observations at the Museum.

Thank you for a magnificent magazine, one which, together with the Morgan three-wheeler Bulletin, I really look forward to each month.