1979 United States (East) Grand Prix in pictures

A smart getaway from the second row got Villeneuve into the lead at the first corner, and he was away, leaving everyone else to swallow his spray. Top left: Irishman Derek Daly was more at home in the wet than his French team mates and led the Tyrrell trio until he crashed near the end of the race. Middle left: Alan Jones in the Saudi Arabian-backed Williams FW07. Bottom left: By keeping going and staying on the track de Angelis brought his Shadow DN9 home into 4th place. Below: Zunino (Brabham BT49) and Rosberg (Wolf) side-by-side out of the chicane; both eventually had excursions off the wet track. The victorious Villeneuve after winning the Toyota-sponsored US GP (East). Top right: Rene Arnoux brought his twin-turbocharged Renault V6 home to a well-deserved second place. Middle right: Pironi’s Tyrrell leads Andretti’s Lotus, Zunino’s Brabham and Rosberg’s Wolf up the hill through the chicane. Bottom right: Nelson Piquet had an awful race, always on the wrong tyres at the wrong time, but refused to give up and salvaged fastest lap with the new Brabham BT49.