Parnall Gyroplanes


The photograph of the Parnall gyroplane submitted by Mark Parnall is of great interest since there are few published photographs of these machines.

George Parnall & Co. constructed two of these gyroplanes under licence from the Curva Autogyro Co. Ltd. (in 19281. These were the C. l0 to Air Ministry order, with serial 59038 and the civil C. II, G-EBQG.

The photograph appears to be the former, as the serial number and the national markings are discernible on the fin. At a guess, the photograph would have been taken on April 26th 1928 when the aircraft was damaged during taxying trials at Yatc. It was then repaired and taken to Andover for flying trials, only to be badly damaged on November 5th 1928 when flight was first attempted. It was then scrapped, and Parnall's took no further interest in rotary-winged aircraft. The C.11 was equally unsuccessful. The subject of rotary-wing flying in this coun, between the wars is poorly documented and I am sure that readers of "Air" would welcome more photographs and information on these early experiments.

Liphook. Hants. E. A. MY.L