The Things They Say...

Refreshingly honest: "Yet again two imitation Ulsters had their inaugural runs to this Rally, Andrew Fleetwood's fully road-equipped example and my own LWB model." Paul Bonewell writing in the Bulletin of the 750 Motor Club. — D.S.J. "

Somewhere in the middle of a long haul from Boulogne to Brittany recently I found that oncoming drivers were flashing their lights at me. It happened too often to ignore and eventually I pulled in to check the car. I had not left my headlights on, nor a door partly open and nor, thankfully, was water gushing from my radiator. I shrugged my shoulders, got back in the car, and drove on. There was yet more flashing and, on rounding a bend, I discovered the answer — a police trap. Had I only known what my fellow drivers had been trying to do, I would have been grateful instead of apprehensive." By the Motoring Correspondent to The Times, clearly a fellow you cannot help!

Also from The Times: "Since the collapsible Morris Minor went out of production years ago the only 'popular' model available has been the rather pricy Beetle job from Germany", in the convertible context. Our italics, and whatever will Morris Minor enthusiasts have to say? — W.B.