Stolen Classic




I would be extremely grateful if you would publish the following notice which in modified form has also been circulated to dealers, Scotland Yard and local stations. The notice concerns the theft of my classic car and I am hopeful that publication may lead to information regarding its whereabouts.

Jaguar Mk1 3.4 Saloon BRG, Green Interior, RHD, CWWs, Man O/D, Chassis No 3973351 DN, Engine No KE 8076/8.

On Thursday August 30th this car was stolen from its parking place in Notting Hill Gate, London W11. The car was securely immobilised and could only have been towed away or carried on a transporter. If you are, or have been, offered a Mk1 Jaguar or parts of trim or mechanics for one of these rare vehicles, please ensure that you are not being offered stolen goods. We are absolutely heartbroken to have lost the car we have personally devoted four years restoring over many evenings and weekends. We know every nut and bolt on this car and could identify many subtle repairs and modifications. If you are offered a Mk 1 please contact me on 071 727 5590 for confirmation of its legality!

A substantial reward is being offered for information leading to its recovery.


London, W11