VSCC Results

Light Car & Edwardian Section
Driving Tests, August 30.
First class Awards
; P Morgan (Humber), E Riddle (GN), D Marsh (A7). Second class Awards; T John (Humber), I Stevens (1912 Rover), A Tarring (Humber). Third Class Awards; R Barnett (1911 Knox), A Marsh (A7).

Kentish Rally, September 27; Newcomer Award; M Barker/S Thorning (s/c 4.3 Alvis). Novice Award; P Knill-Jones/C Shipton (Alvis). First Class Awards; D Rouse/S Rouse (Singer Junior), D Johnson/D Roberts (Alvis), J Creed-Miles/A Jones (A7), A Lunton/T Cartwright (Lea-Francis), P Cattell/T Cork (Riley). Second Class Awards; P Weston/J Agar (A7), J Potter/H Kettlewell (Lea-Francis), Johnson/S Harvey (Lea-Francis), D Harris/M Harris (MG), J Gathercolei Lee (Riley), J Ruggles/C Bowyer (Lagonda Rapier). Third Class Awards; F Moore/M Sten house (AC), K Burnett/J Warburton (Alvis), D Lake/D Evans (8-litre Bentley), W Mahany/ R Hernaman (Lea-Francis), R Fayter/R Goodwin (Riley), N Wood/J Wood (Riley), A Mortimer/P Castle (Aston Martin). Only an A7 Special came on a trailer and the only retirements were a 12/60 Alvis and an A7 Nippy.