This year’s seafront spectacular along Brighton’s Madeira Drive reversed the normal status quo when a bike instead of a car made FTD. This was the result of safety changes made to keep terminal speeds down: a quarter-mile course instead of a half-mile, and a 2-litre limit on single-seaters, ruling out the F1 and V8 sprint machinery.

Fastest amongst the cars was Les Edmunds’ BRD-Rover, hitting 135 mph (10.53s), followed by Graham Hathaway’s Ford RS200 at 128 mph (11.39s). Third place went to the man with the most cubic inches, Jim Tiller and his 7.3-litre Chevrolet-powered Allard 12, at 130 mph (12.34s).

By contrast. Jeff Dowsett’s overall FTD on his 1300cc nitrous-injected Suzuki GSX was a rousing 9.62s (153 mph), and bikes took the next five places as well, Edmunds placing seventh overall.

In the Historic class, Allards scored first and third, Tony Bianchi’s 6.4-litre Farrellac (13.46s, 115 mph) and Roger Murray-Evans’ K-type sandwiching the well-exercised Bentley-Royce of Bob Burrell, which tripped 107 mph (14.32s).

Paul Hewes’s Cooper beat the other 500cc racers (15.75s, 86 mph), while Tom Delaney collected the VSCC Trophy with the evergreen LeaF ( I 7.27s, 80 mph). G C

Frosts Brighton Speed Trials

FTD (Car): L Edmunds (BRD TS001)10.53s/ 135mph; FTD (Motorcycle): J Dowsett (Suzuki GSW) 9.62s/I 53mph. Class winners: M Pester (Mini Cooper) 14.99s (h/cap); K Danks (Davrian) 13.45s; M Smith (Caterham 7 HPC) 12.34s; C Jones (Morgan Plus 8) 11.76s; R Stevens (OMS SC 1/3) 11.60s (Record); R Cooke (Minicia) 15.77s; Edmunds; T Bianchi (Allard Farrellac) 13.46s (scr); B Burrell (Bentley Royce) 14.32s (h/cap); Paul Hewes (Cooper Mk11) 15.75s; D Ayling (DRA SC/01) 13.05s; G Jackson (Ralt RT3) 11.84s; S George (Maco Toyota) 11.94s.