VETERAN TO CLASSIC - VSCC Madresfield Results

For the record, here are the results of the Madresfield driving tests, which arrived just too late for the last issue.

Class A (Standard sports cars): 1st Class Awards: T Tarring (1927 Frazer Nash). Second Class Awards: G Still (1937 Frazer Nash). Third Class Awards: P Garland (1936 1½-litre HRG), Mrs M Brewster (1934 A7 65). Class B (Standard touring, saloon and light cars): 1st Class Awards: T Dixon (1931 Alvis TK 12/50), K Stimson (Riley 9 Mk4), M Kipping (1930 A7). Second Class Awards: Mrs A Lemon, and Ladies Award (1923 30/98), T Brewster (1923 Deemster). Third Class Awards: D Boyd (1939 Citroen Light-15), J Stammers (1929 Riley 9). Third Class Awards: J Stammers (1929 Riley 9). Class C (Modified, specials and hybrids): 1st Class Awards: G Owen (1930 Morris-JAP), J Baxter (1929 A7 Ulster), Second Class Awards: D Baxter (1927 Rolls-Royce 20), J Ghosh (30/98). Third Class Awards: J Muscamp (1939 328 FN-BMW), J Newell (1924 30/98), P Tebbett (1935 41/2-litre Lagonda). Class D (Edward & Veteran): 1st Class Award: B Collings (1912 Brixia-Zust). Second Class Award: R Collings (1912 Brixia-Zust), Third Class Award: M Lemon (1913 30/98). Concours: First: Jo Moss (1932 Invicta); Second: M Lemon (1913 30/98); Third: M Walker (1913 Bramble cyclecar).