"Can we take the long way home?"



We’ve all heard it. ‘Mum, are we nearly there yet?’ say your treasured darlings just five minutes after departure. Two hours drive ahead of you, thick traffic, and the kids are already bored.

Try this for an alternative scenario. You’ve loaded up all the luggage, strapped in the kids and you’re all looking forward to the journey!

It could happen, and it all starts with the Alpine CVA-1000R Multi Media Receiver. Don’t let the techy title put you off. This little baby is the key to a multimedia system that’s revolutionising in-car entertainment and mobile office solutions. At as heart is a super-versatile control console that allows an incredible level of expansion – in-car TV, video, games consoles, mini-disc, CD-Shuttle, radio and navigation.

And that just for starters. Digital Video Discs, e-mail, internet and fax facility. Fully expandable. Less tomorrow’s technology, more the future now.

So your kids are happy. One’s deeply ensconsed in a favourite episode of Rug Rats, the other’s giving it maximum attack around Silverstone on the built-in Playstation. (In half an hour they’ll both stop and tune in the TV to watch “Top of the Pops, broadcast live.) Meanwhile you’re listening to your top Cl). They’re headphones. you’re on speakers. They’re entertained. You’re happy.

But in your relaxed state you’ve started dreaming about your upcoming holiday, and missed that turn (or maybe the traffic’s too thick and you deliberately want to take a different route). No problem; your in-car Alpine navigation system has already realised you’ve gone wrong (even before you have), and is rerouting you to get you back on course. No solo map reading. No frustrations. No kidding. It works. In every major European city and all the main routes between.

And it works in your language (well, English, French, German or Italian), and remains in your chosen tongue irrespective of which country you’re in. Need some petrol? Or a bite to eat? A built in database of petrol stations. restaurants and other points of local interest is included on CD-ROM, so you’ll always be able to find what you want. The whole system is versatile, instant. and crystal clear in its operation. Junctions zoom in and super-large scale displays guide you through. Distance (in miles or kilometres according to according to personal preference) and time to destination are updated in real time. So you always know where you are, and when you’re going to get where you want to be.

But don’t think this is a just a bunch of bolt-on goodies which will ruin the aesthetic appeal of your dash. A huge variety of flexible installation options allow unlimited customisation to suit your car. So there’s absolutely no compromise. And with Alpine’s unique in-car multimedia system there’s no compromise on sound quality either. You can include any of Alpine’s Power Amps, Subwoofers, Equalisers or Digital Sound Processors into your set-up for the ultimate audio system.

For the very best in in-car sound and vision, the ultimate in mobile entertainment, look no further than Alpine. We’re revolutionising the driving experience.