Having attended the Goodwood Revival meeting and enjoyed the 70th celebrations for Stirling Moss, I cannot help wondering why the most famous and revered British sportsman has reached three score years and ten with 'only' a CBE to his name. Surely, if a football manager can be knighted for a one-off treble, what honour should the country offer a man who has given and is still giving so much pleasure to so many people?

As the foremost organ of the historic racing movement, can MOTOR SPORT galvanise the power of the press into a campaign for true recognition of the man's achievements?

Perhaps if the maestro recorded a pop song, drove an electric-powered car, or appeared topless in The Sun it would gain the approval of Downing Street.

Having observed the Revival meeting from my perch in the Chicane Grandstand, I can only express my admiration for all the drivers and their effort in the conditions.

Having seen the awards for best performances, best drivers etc, whilst agreeing that they are all worthy recipients, there were so many others that caught the eye. Moss, of course, was brilliant in the wet, Lindsay in 'Remus', Brundle in the Lotus 15 and, considering he is not a full-time driver, Rowan Atkinson in his Aston was a revelation. From the packed rows of the Grandstand, the people's favourites were John Rhodes, Gerry Marshall, Sir Jack (and all wish him a very siieedy recovery) and the only man to bring the grandstand to its feet, Grant Williams and his incredible drive in the Jaguar.

You may guess from the above, that, again judging by the crowd's buzz, the Race of the Day, by a country mile, was the Saloon car event: every entrant, be it Jag, Galaxie or Dauphine, was a star.

Just to finish on a blasphemous note, that race was so enthralling it rather made the next race, the IT re-enactment seem a bit 'after the Lord Mayor's show!' JAM, YOURS, ETC, MIKE BROAD, BASINGS7OKE