Classic Racing Engines

by Karl Ludvigsen

ISBN: 1 85960 649

Published by Haynes Publishing, £25

A book devoted to the technicalities of 50 significant racing engines from the early 1900s to the present day is a departure from the Ludvigsen driver biographies to which we have become accustomed. This book charts the development of the major grand prix and sportscar powerplants that have shaped the sport, and helps unravel the complexities of everything from the pre-war supercharged 6-litre V16 Auto Union monster to the 1000bhp, 1994 Indy 500-winning Mercedes 500I.

The in-depth text, excellent cutaways and technical drawings and specification tables are proof that Ludvigsen has researched his subject thoroughly, but as for the general appeal of a black-and-white book about engines, I'm not so sure. HH-F