Miscellany, November 2002



The Brooklands Museum has recently added to its collection of racing cars, which includes the lap-record Napier-Railton, the Duesenberg, and ERA R10B which was raced at the Track by Peter Walker and Peter Whitehead. This is on long loan from Nick Mason. Another long-term loan is that of a 1913 Type 15 1.3-litre Bugatti tourer, owned by Oliver Weguelin, while Geoff Cole’s 1933 MG J2, typical of the kind of MGs raced at Brooklands, is now on display in the Campbell Shed.


The immortal Austin 7 of 1923 became available in many body styles, both factory and specialist. In 1926, Austins apparently thought about marketing a fixed-top two-seater coupé but it seems that only 500 were built. It is interesting that one of these coupés, a 1930 B-type (chassis 111818), has been found in a Cheshire garage in reasonable mechanical order, not having been used for some 50 years. The original Log Book is intact and may reveal its history.


The VSCC’s late-summer Serendipity meeting at the Verzons Hotel, near Ledbury, with bookstalls and autojumble added to the jazz band, attracted 78 pre-war cars of 31 different makes. A dozen Alvises predominated, with 10 Austins next, and there were seven Velocette ‘bikes. The prize-winner was a gleaming, rather unusual Citroën saloon.