The tremendous strides which have been made in motor-cycle engine design recently are shown by a series of important records which have just been broken on the Brooklands and Montlhery tracks.

It is only three years ago that C. F. Temple, the famous track racer, covered 100 miles in an hour On a 1,000 c.c. machine. During the last few weeks, a 350 c.c. Velocette has done 100 miles in an hour on the same track which Temple used at Montlhery.

Temple’s record was considered amazing. That it should have been equalled, after a lapse of only three Years, by a machine of little more than one third the capacity is more remarkable still. It may be easy to “tune up” a 350 c.c. motor-cycle to do a speed of 100 m.p.h., but to provide this speed together with the reliability required for a long distance record calls for a very much higher degree of engineering skill and perfection. The rider was H. J. Willis, who finished second in last summer’s Junior T.T. Willis, of course, has the honour of being the first man to cover 100 miles in an hour on a 350 c.c. machine.