Forebodings that the 1937 Motor Show would be just too dull are clearing. Amongst the entirely new sports-cars we have the 3I-litre S.S. " 100," which Newsome put up Shelsley last month in 45.52 sees., and the 4-cyl " 12-70"

Alvis. The S.S. has a very interesting. cyl. engine with seven bearing crankshaft, Vandervell bearings, specially designed water circulatory arrangements and a 7.2 to 1 compression ratio. The " 100" two-seater is priced at 6445 and is said to exceed 100 m.p.h.—judging by the 21-litre there is every reason to believe this claim, in spite of the modest price. The mew 1I-litre S.S. closed cats

are also of outstanding interest. The Stand is No. 57. The new 4 cyl. " 12-70 " Alvis is particularly interesting to those who recall the" 12-50 " of over a decade ago (which won the 1923 200-Mile Race and sold as a sports two-seater in 1925 with a guaranteed speed of 70 m.p.h.) and subsequent " 12-50 " and " 12-60 " Alvis cars. The new car is a 1.8-litre, pushrod o.h.v. job with single, downdraught carburetter,

giving 63. b.h.p. at 4,250 r.p.m. As a four-door saloon it costs L435. We have already commented on the short-chassis Alvis. Sportsmen will flock to see the new Balilla Fiats, based on the iimnensely popular baby Fiats, while we believe there will be new Frazer-Nash-I3.M.W. on Stand 115. Mercedks-Benz, Rolls-Royce and Bentley will remain unchanged, but no one will pass by these superb cars. Bentley Motors Ltd. are now concentrating on the 41-litre--most dignified

of really fast fast cars. M.G. will continue the T Midget, 1 and 2-litre cars as before, but a new -Charlesworth open sports four-seater 2-litre will be shown at Stand 98, where a sectioned 11-litre chassis will also be on view.

The new 11-litre Triumph "Dolomite " and the revised Talbot Ten must be seen, likewise the new Ford Eight at Ford's own show at the Albert Hall, where a new L.M.B. 1,100 c.c. sports model will be on view. Earl's Court may spring some surprises yet.