The Cars Hold their Own against Motor- Cycles at Shelsley Walsh

The Cars Hold their Own against MotorCycles at Shelsley Walsh

Excellent Meeting Dominated by Raymond Mays. Bolster Second Fastest. Magnificent Climbs by Poore, Walker, Gerard, Fry and Mrs. Gerard. Many Records Fall.

BEAUTIFUL weather did not attract the usual crowd to Shelsley Walsh eolittrint.41 car and motor-cycle meeting last Saturday, which was a pity, because those present saw one of the best meetings ever. The cars held their own against the motor-cycles, easily winning the special match and also scoring an average of 42.27 sec. in the general categories against 42.39 sec. of the twowheelers or 43.88 sec. of the two-wheelers and combinations. Four cars and three motor-cycles failed on their runs. Raymond Mays made f.t.d. for the fifth time in succession in 37.52 sec., 0.15 sec. below his record, which he might have broken but for a tail-slide, instantly corrected, out of the "S." The Freikaiserwagen improved on its own blown ShelsleySpecials record by 2.18 see. (38.43 sec.), "Bloody Mary," although off-colour, raised her own non-supercharged ShelsleySpecials record by 0.6 sec. (40.37 sec.), Allard in the air-cooled Allard broke the V-twin Cooper's record for unblown cars by 1.14 sec. (39.56 sec.), and Mrs. Gerard (E.R.A.) broke Mrs. Dryden's longstanding Ladies' Record with the Alta, by 0.22 sec. (43.18 sec.). Les Graham (Matchless) beat Lyons' (Triumph) motorcycle record by 0.57 sec. (38.87 sec.), and Smith and Hustwick (J.A.P.) set the sidecar record to 47.77 see. The commentary started badly but soon surpassed itself and this was Shelsley at its best.

Below we give class-placings, but as no entrant could win two prizes, these do not always tally with M.A.C. results. In the Paddock O'Reilly Schell's Cisitalia, in American colours, to be driven by Soria Dunton, was an attraction, with it s ribbed valve cover, water-heated oil tank, three stub-exhausts, single downdraught carburetter and 4.00 by 15 Pirelli " Aeroflex " tyres. It started on the handle, needed much warming up, and was disappointing on the Hill, probably being overgeared. Horsfail opened the course with the Spa Aston-Martin, doing an ascent in 49.99 sec. " Land " Rover, " Vanguard " and Riley official ears took the eye. The start area and surface had been improved.

Cars, up to 750 c.c.

Wharton had trouble, leaving things to the 500's. Moss beat Strang on his second run, fairly throwing his Cooper into the " S " and going very close to the bank as he left these corners.

1st. S. Moss (Cooper) ... ...

43.84 see.

2nd. C. H. Strang (Strang) ... ... 43.90 „

3rd. H. C. Lones (Tiger Kitten) ... 45.70 „

Solo Motor-cycles, 340-350 c.c.

Graham's A.J.S. was magnificent, standing on its back wheel away from the line, and tending to repeat this habit as it

accelerated from the " " where Les really lay over for the corners.

IA. R. L. (Indian) (A..1.S.) 39.45 sec. ..2o(1..1. I). naiads ((..1'. Triumph) 40.85 „ 3n1. F. L. Frith (Velocate) 41.00

Cars, 751-1,500 c.c.

Peter Walker repeated the promise shown at Prescott in one of the most outstanding ascents of Shelsley we have ever witnessed, throwing the Whitehead E.R.A.through the corners in a series of controlled tail-slides, leaving long wheelmarks on the road surface. He really let himself go, having to twirl the wheel mightily to hold a slide as he left the" S" on his second run. It was sprint motoring with a vengeance. The Freikaiserwagen was braked heavily for the " S " which it treated with respect, but its acceleration to the finish was immense, especially following the first change-up. The V-twin Cooper was nicely handled, although a change-up was missed on the first run and the engine was smoking and sick on the second. Very spirited, but not quick enough, was Spollon in the Triangle Special (44.01 sec.), while the E.R.A.Riley misfired on its first run, going better (42.34 sec.) on its second. Instone made a " dicey " first ascent in the Martyr (45.26 sec.) then, inside rear wheel clear of the ground, took the " S " well on his next run but stopped with trouble between the corners. Johnson's E-type E.R.A. was absent, as we have come to expect, Ansel' didn't run his and Parnell and Brooke were non-runners with their latest Maseratis. Newton drove his famous .H.R.G. really hard (44.65 sec.), beating Bradnack's Frazer-NAsh, and Norris missed an upward change on his first run, then threw the Norris-Special nicely through the " " on his second (43.59 see.). Mrs. Gerard treated the "

S" with respect on her first run and nearly hit the bank near the finish, then gave the white E.R.A. all it had next time -the crowd was appreciative, and with good cause !

1st. P. D. C. Walker (E.R.A.) 38.30 see. 2nd. D. Fry (Freikaiserwagen) 38.43 „ 3rd. J. Cooper (Cooper) ... 41.28 „

Motor-cycles, 351-500 c.c.

Graham repeated his performance of the 350-c.c. class, this time winning with an A.M.C. Ltd. special sprint Matchless and setting a new solo record. It was a beautiful run to watch. Daniell didn't appear quite at home through the "S."

1st It. L. Graham (Matchless) ... 38.87 sec. 2nd. R. M. N. Spring (Triumph) ... 38.97 ,,3rd. H. L. Daniell (Norton) ... 39,29 „

Cars, 1,501-2,000 c.c.

Mays was obviously master, beautifully clean to watch, although leaving the " S ' the E.R.A. slid about more wildly than usual. His first ascent occupied 38.29 sec., but next time he was appreciably faster through the " S " just avoiding the drain

and instantly checking a vicious tail-slide out of the second corner, which, however, probably cost him a new course-record. Gerard made a good start, all but fullbore cornering characterising his second run. He went right over the drain, against the inside bank, in contrast to Mays. Everyone waited for Bolster in Bell's 2-litre E.R.A. Alas, a halfshaft sheared as he left the line. However, hectic work ensured two new shafts for the second run. And John certainly did his mechanics justice ! Sliding from the start he took Kennel bend really fast, slid a bit into the "S," yellow flame flickering from the exhaust, then accelerated hard through the corners and up to the finish. Alas, the twin rear wheels slid out and clouted the outer bank as he left the S," which must have cost John several split-seconds-perhaps just those needed to beat Mays. It was a grand bit of motoring, nevertheless, and second fastest of the day. Rowley's Bugatti (42.30 sec.) beat Norris' Alta (42.9 sec.) and the A.C.-Nash (43.17 sec.).

Bloody Mary" was not on form, but, even so Bolster made a new unblown Shelsley Specials record on his second run, in 40.37 sec.

1st. R. Mays (E.R.A.) ... 37.52 see. 2nd. J. Bolster (E.R.A.)... ... 38.16 „ 3rd. F. It. Gerard (E.R.A.) ... 38.91 „

M oto r-cycl es , 501-1,000 c.c.

The great Harold Daniell got into his stride on the Norton, cornering so neatly as to appear slow, however. Both Phil Heath on the 143-m.p.h. record VincentH.R.D., and Taft on a production Vincent-H.R.D. missed upward changes. Berry treated the " S " with immense respect, then turned on the taps of the Brough in a stupendous piece of acceleration, which, alas, on his second run, took him through the hedge, damaging the Brough, but fortunately not Bob. 18t. R. L. Daniell (Norton) • • • • ••

39.36 see. 2nd. H. P. Heath (Vincent-H.R.D.) 40.68 „

3rd. C. V. Taft (Vincent-H.R.D.)... 41.68 „

Cars over 2,000 c.c.

Many excellent runs were seen in this class. Poore found the big Alfa-Romeo a handful, just scraping the bank by the drain at the " S " on his first run, and hitting the bank again in mid-" S" on his second run. But no one could beat his meteoric ascent, which was third fastest of the day. ,Allard went very

nicely into second place, fast into the "S," front wheels flapping, and McAlpine (Maserati) on a brave ride for third place in the class, held a mid-road route, leaving the " 8 " wide amid a beautiful aroma of burnt special-fuel. The Spicier was, as ever, a matchless sight (42.31 sec.), Stubberfield had a bouncy ride in his very fast Bugatti (42.09 sec..), Lloyd .Jones was terrific in the Triangle Special, rear tyres protesting (42.33 see.), Hutchison took the beautiful monoposto Alfa-Romeo up impeccably, i.f.s. working beautifully, in 40.11 sec., but Bear's " 3.3 " Bugatti, said to have an extra carburetter on duty, was faster, opening up well before the second bend of the S," going wide, then darting over to the off side of the finishing straight (39.95 sec.) Rolt tended to clip banks and was busy holding slides in the Alfa-Romeo, wrongly shown in the programme as supercharged (40.17 see.), and Tyrer's ex-Bear " 2.3 " Bugatti sounded grand (42.27 sec.).

1st. R. D. Poore (Alfa-Romeo) ... 38.19 see. 2nd. S. II. Allard (Allard) ... 39.56 „ 3rd. K. :NleAlpine (Maserati) 39.89 „

Sidecar Machines, 490-1,000 c.c.

The record fell continually. Seymour very nearly upset his dry-sump, lightalloy Douglas, going well up the bank beyond the "S," and on its record run Smith's J.A.P. snaked so much up to the finish that the crowd scattered ! The programme gave the riders' names-they deserve the honour ! 1st. C. F. Smith (J.A.P.)

... 47.77 sec.

2nd. P. V. Harris (Norton) ... ... 48.61 „

3rd. W. Boddie° (Ariel) ... ... 48.98 „

Team Event

This was a private M.A.C. v. B.M.C.R.C. match, the times not counting in the classes or for records. Mays, Gerard and Poore won, setting up a new Team record.