A Useful Manual

“The Ford Owners Complete Handbook,” by Wm. J. Lipsett. (Floyd Clymer, 143 pages, 1.50 dollars.)

This book covers the servicing of all Ford V8 and six-cylinder passengers cars from 1932 to 1949 inclusive, covering themodels 11A, 18, 21A, 40, 48, 68, 69A, 74, 78, 79A, 81A, 82A, 89A, 91A, 98BA, 922A, 01A and 022A, V8s, and the 1GA, 2GA, 6GA, 7GA, 8GA and 98HA sixes. Tables of bearing clearances, ring gaps and clearances, valve spring strengths and sizes, and valve timing, etc., are included, and this book should be invaluable to those who operate these cars or use these engines in “specials.”