Brighton International Speed Trials

A. J. Butterworth Fastest with His F.W.D. Air-Cooled A.J.B.

Raymond Mays’ Course Record Unbroken. Pitt’s Blower 4 1/2-litre Bentley is Fastest Sports Car. Mrs. Allard Beats Her Husband in J-type Allard, Taking the Ladies’ Prize. Excellent Organisation.

The Brighton and Hove Motor Club’s traditional seaside speed trials over the standing kilometre of the Madeira Drive were run off expeditiously on September 3rd in beautiful weather. This year’s organisation was in every way creditable, and officials were served with an excellent lunch during the interval. Raymond Mays’ course-record of 23.86 sec. remained unbroken, although Mays was regrettably not present to defend it. To Archie Butterworth went credit for making f.t.d. in his home-designed, four-wheel-drive A.J.B., with an unsupercharged 4,425-c.c. Steyr air-cooled V8 engine and slim single-seater body. Butterworth got away in phenomenal fashion, attained 4,100 r.p.m. on his 2.58-to-1 ratios and 5.5046 tyres by the end of the kilometre, and went over the line at some 133 m.p.h., clocking the excellent time of 24.91 sec. He increased the alcohol content of the fuel for his second run, and was 0:69 sec. slower, McAlpine’s 3-litre ex-“Bira” Maserati passing him to clock 25.27 sec., second fastest time. Poore just could not get the speed he hoped for from the “3.8” Alfa-Romeo, but made third fastest time, in 25.91 sec., just beating Fry’s incredible 1,097-c.c. two-stage Freikaiserwagen, which did 25.93 sec., but sheared its flywheel key in doing so and didn’t run again. Mrs. Allard won the poorly-supported ladies’ class, beating her famous husband by 1.22 sec. in the sports J-type Allard (29.35 sec.).

This year the classes were simplified, but 215 entries were received; that a good entry was also received for the S.U.N.B.A.C. Silverstone meeting on the same day indicates the healthy state of the Sport. At Brighton drivers have to start “on the signal,” not in their own time, the spoons being used only to detect false starts. They ran up the course in pairs, which resulted in some epic struggles and enthralled the thousands of onlookers on the promenades. But the results of these races signify nothing in themselves, so we have ignored them, preferring to give in the results the full placings in each class.

Naturally, with so many entries there was much of detail interest to be seen. Besides his faithful “Ulster” Austin, Bowles had a truly immaculate pointedtail “Speedy” with ex-Scriven “Grasshopper” engine, Centric blower and Cozette carburetter. Hollingsworth’s blown Ford Ten Special made good use of a remote-control four-speed box, while Watling-Greenwood’s R.W.G. was beautifully turned out and proved to have a Morris chassis, M.G. gearbox and a twin-S.U. Ford Ten engine. Another very immaculate car was Roberts’ Type 43 Bugatti, in original “Grand Sports” four-seater form, rubber bands round its hub-ears holding its hub-plates in place — not to locate the half-shafts as one local had it!

The “30/98” Vauxhalls resumed their duel with numerous 4 1/2-litre Bentleys, proving individually superior but with a slight advantage to the Bentleys on aggregate. Alan May’s car, putting smallish rear wheels to good purpose, had its headlamps set centrally and turned sideways above the dumb-iron apron. It did 32.41 sec. against 33.80 sec. by the best of the unblown 4 1/2-litre Bentleys, Hogg’s. Six “30/98s” ran, and eleven “4 1/2” Bentleys. Of the former, Bardolph.’s had a modernish four-seater body and wings, Southon’s was a fabric four-seater, Webb’s the smart four-seater which did so well at the V.S.C.C. Prescott meeting, with downdraught Zenith, Deluge front brakes and a rare 3.1-to-1 axle ratio, Plowman’s and Binn’s being well known. As consolation, Pitt’s ex-Birkin two-seater “blower 4 1/2” Bentley, the blower now cowled-in, not only wiped up both Vintage S.C.C. and Bentley D.C. classes but won Forrest Lycett’s trophy for best sports car time, in 30.38 sec., in spite of an electrical bonfire after one run. Metcalfe emerged from retirement to drive his whale-like ex-Barnato Hassan 8-litre Bentley, on 6.50-16 rear tyres, clocking 31.0 sec. against Leslie Johnson’s 28.79 sec. in Lycett’s 8-litre. But as Lycett was giving the prize for fastest sports car, he only entered for the racing class. If the time-keepers can be believed, Pomeroy’s 1914 “Prince Henry” Vauxhall beat all the “30/98s” except May’s.

Griffith’s Jag. II, a Ford V8-engined Jaguar with all-enveloping body, ran well, the Toulmin Motors’ 980-c.c. blown, self-change M.G. Midget misbehaved, and Helen Kennard’s Mercédès-Benz had chronic clutch slip. Pomeroy’s fleet Vauxhall, Abbott’s 1904 Mercédès and Wilcock’s 2 1/2-litre Talbot represented the pre-1914 brigade. Continuing round the Paddock, Lomax’s M.G. was a converted R-type with simple radius-members to locate the independent rear suspension, King was trying out his neat monoposto Austin Seven, which has a ribbed alloy head, No. 4 chain-drive Zoller blower, S.U. carburetter, right-hand control of the three-speed gearbox, and has been lowered by turning the rear springs upside down and appreciably raising the front axle above its spring. Hobbs’ ex-Eccles’ Zoller-blown Rapier has hydraulic and friction front damping, Richards’ well-known Riley normal and transverse front shock-absorbers, the latter linked by rods to the axle upsweep, while Treen’s Riley has fairings both sides of its long tail to clear the fuel tank and an external exhaust manifold. Webb’s blown 1,087-c.c. M.G. has Lancia i.f.s., and Heath’s Heath-J.A.P. has rear-placed engine, an oil cooler by its nearside air scoop, transverse spring and wishbone i.f.s., and a swing-axle and fabricated wishbones at the back. Murray’s Maserati had a vast, plated scoop at the near side of its radiator cowl.

Lester’s smart M.G. easily won the 1,100-c.c. sports-car class, Morrish’s Frazer-Nash dominated the 1 1/2-litre sportscar class and Way’s special B.M.W. beat Tyrer’s lightened “328” B.M.W. in the 2-litre class, Way improving on his own record by 1.24 sec., Crook’s yellow Veritas a good third. Major Gale’s Darracq vanquished Allard’s J-type Allard in the big sports-car class, also beating the class record held by Walker’s Delahaye, by 0.93 sec., and being the fastest unblown sports car. Hern’s Amilcar Six was unchallenged in the blown 1,100-c.c. sports-car category, and M.G.s scored in the blown 2-litre class. Lewis’ “2.6” Alfa-Romeo defeated Mann’s “2.6” Alfa in the unlimited blown sports-car class, with James’ 5-litre Bugatti third, Pitts winning the V.S.C.C. class from May’s “30/98” and Cook’s 4 1/2-litre Bentley and taking Finch’s class record by 0.11 sec., and then going even faster to win the B.D.C. class from Hogg’s and Cook’s normally-aspirated 4 1/2-litres.

Parker, warming the transmission of his Parker Special on the line, proved to have easily the fastest “500,” the Monaco’s class record falling by 1.24 sec. Cox’s Cooper overheated, coasting in both times, and Tye’s Cooper suffered from carburetter flooding. Symonds’ Austin, now with “works” s.v. engine, thoroughly deserved its win in the 750-c.c. class, but did not lower the Lightweight’s record. Fry did a prodigious 25.93 sec. in the 1,100-c.c. class, in spite of trouble two-thirds of the way up; this lowered his own class record by 1.08 sec. Just as the Freikaiserwagen was being towed away the Mayors of Brighton and Hove were introduced to Joe, who was asked, “And what did the car cost you? ” The driver, who probably felt it was now worth 6 1/2d., manfully replied, “£1,000 plus.” The V,twin Coopers of Winterbottom, Hartwell and Cooper were a close second, third and fourth, Cooper getting 120 m.p.h. over the line.

The Spikins Special took the 1 1/2-litre class from Baring’s 6C Maserati and Smith’s Bugatti, all closely matched. The Norris Special felt the bumps and had clutch-slip. The 3-litre class was the preserve of Norris’ Alta, using 6.50-16 rear tyres and clocking a rousing 26.9 sec., against Yates’ 27.13 sec. in the mis-firing Multi-Union. The Multi-Union was making a first appearance since its Brooklands’ days, when it all but took the lap record. It had its out-circuit axle-ratio, 6.50 -19 rear tyres and suitably low ratios in the Rolls-Royce gearbox. On its second run it was still misfiring and sending out clouds of smoke. Just beyond the line, ahead of the sprint-bodied Acedes-Nash, the engine seized and the car went into a series of hair-raising slides, which Yates held successfully. Noel Carr’s Alta was third, Stubberfield, his well-known single-seater, twin-rear tyred Type 35 Bugatti hampered by its Prescott ratios, an impressive fourth.

Butterworth deservedly won the Club Trophy and £100 for his f.t.d. in the unlimited class, as recorded. The ladies’ class was poorly supported, with Mrs. Saginson’s “flat-iron” Thomas and Mrs. Richmond’s Rapier absentees, but Mrs. Allard surpassed herself in the J-type Allard, beating her husband’s best run in an earlier class by 1.22 sec. and easily winning the Chater-Lea Trophy. Mrs. Gerard’s class record was unassailed, however.

All that happened from the timekeepers’ angle follows: –

* = New Class record. F = Failed to complete course.

Sports Cars up to 1400 c.c.:
1st: H. Lester (1,092-c.c. M.G.) … 38.50 sec.
2nd: S. E. Barnes (747-c.c. M.G.) … 41.49 sec.
3rd: H. Wiling (1,074-c.c. H.R.G.) … 43.43 Also ran: Cuff-Miller (Riley), 43.80 sec.; Williams (Singer), 44.71 sec.; Havant (31.G.), 44.80 sec.; Simpson (F.I.A.T.) and Hadfield (Vale), both 45.0 sec.
Sports Cars, 1,101 to 1,500 c.c.;
1st: F. Morrish (1,407-c.c. Frazer Nash) …. 36.58 sec.
2nd: T. W. Dargue (1,433-c.c.M.G.) … 36.70 sec.
3rd: A. S. Gosnell (1,498-c.c. H.R.G.) 37.01 sec.
Also ran: Holt (H.R.G.) 37.16 sec.; Ruddock (H.R.G.), 37.60 sec.; Brock (H.R.G.), 38.0 sec.; Meerfield (M.G.), 39.0 sec.; WM Mitchell (H.R.G.), 39.20 sec.; Christie (M.G.), 39.36 sec.; Miss Haig (H.R.G.), 39.38 sec.; Gott (H.R.G.), 39.76 sec.; Line (M.G.), 40.4 sec.; Gilling (H.R.G.), 40.01 sec.; Tilling (Singer), 41.10 sec.; Miss Marshall (M.G.), 41.20 sec.; Molyneaux (M.G.), 41.54 sec.; Cook (M.G.), 41.62 sec.; Constable (M.G.), 42.19 sec.; Sears (Morgan), 42.88 sec.; Davis (M.G.) and Watling-Greenwood (R.W.G.), both 43.40 sec.; Finch (M.G.), 43.60 sec.; Norton (M.G.), 43.80 sec.; Burt (Aston-Martin), 46.20 sec.; Cook (M.G.), 46.40 sec.; Major (Wolseley), 47.40 sec.; Palmer (Framr-Nash), 76.40 sec.
Sports Cars, 1,501 to 2,000 c.c.:
1st: R. Way (1,071-c.c. B.M.W.) … 31.15 sec.
2nd: G. Tyror (1,971-c.c. B.M.W.) … 31.68 sec.
3rd: T. A. D. Crook (1,971-c.c. Verltas) 32.20 sec.
Also ran: Peskett (B.M.W.), 35.67 sec.; Walton (Alta), 36.0 sec.; Jay (Bugatti), 41.68 sec.; Render (Aston-Martin), 43.77 sec.
Sports Cars Over 2,000 c.c.:
1st: Major Gale (3,996-c.c. Darracq) 30.48 sec.*
2nd: S. H. Allard (4,375-c.c. Allard) … 30.57 sec.
3rd : I. Metcalfe (7,992-c.c. Bentley) … 31.00 sec.
Also ran: May (Vauxhall), 32.41 sec.; Jason-Henry (Delahaye), 32.98 sec.; Symondson (Bugatti), 33.40 sec.; Parker (Jaguar), 33.61 sec.; Matthews (Jaguar), 33.63 sec.; Griffiths (Jag. II), 33.71 sec.; Hoag (Bentley) and Chevell (Alvis), both 33.80 sec.: Tulloch (Hudson Special), 33.95 sec.; Cripps (Cripps Special), 34.08 sec.; Craig (Jaguar), 34.20 sec.; Render (Allard), 34.55 sec.; Jay (J.M.B.) and Goodhew (Healey Special), both 35.20 sec.; Wright (Lagonda), 36.14 sec.; Sargeant (Sergeant Special) and Waring (Alvis), both 36.40 sec.; Monro (Invicta), 37.0 sec.; Hewitt (Allard), 37.40 sec.; Henry (Lagonda), 39.80 sec.; Derrington (Bugatti), 46.40 sec.
Supercharged Sports Cars up to 1,100 c.c.:
1st: V. J. Hern (1,100-c.c. Amilcar) … 34.87 sec.
2nd: R. W. Jacobs (1,087-c.c. M.G.) … 37.06 sec.
3rd: J. D. Hanman (940-c.c. M.G.) … 37.40 sec.
Also ran: Christmas (M.G.), 39.95 sec.; Toulmin (M.G.), 41.20 sec.; Bowles (Austin), 42.40 sec.
Supercharged Sports Cars, 1,101 to 2,000 c.c.:
1st: I. C. Lucas (1,250-c.c. M.G.) … 36.90 sec.
2nd: R. W. G. Collins (1,286-c.c. M.G.) 37.60 sec.
3rd: A. H. Montague (1,572-c.c. Alfa-Romeo) . . 38.85 sec.
Also ran: Zeltman (Squire), 39.19 sec.; Rowe (M.G.), 41.0 sec.
Supercharged Sports Cars, Unlimited:
1st: D. Lewis (2,638-c.c. Alfa-Romeo) 31.35 sec.
2nd: N. H. Mann (2,600-c.c. Alfa-Romeo) … 31.40 sec.
3rd: J. M. James (4,840-c.c. Bugatti) … 31,86 sec.
Also ran: Pierpont (Bugatti), 31.96 sec.; Markes (Bentley), 35.0 sec.; Rohll (Alfa-Romeo), 35.50 sec.
Vintage Sports Cars, Unlimited:
1st: A. L. Pitts (4,306-c.c. s/c Bentley) 30.55 sec.*
2nd: A. May (4,250-c.c. Vauxhall) … 32.51 sec.
3rd: W. A. L. Cook (4,398-c.c. Bentley) 35.37 sec.
Also ran: Finch (Amilcar), 35.55 sec.; Rohll (Alfa-Romeo), 36.06 sec.; Pomeroy (Vauxhall), 36.20 sec.; Binns (Vauxhall), 36.51 sec.; Roberts (Bugatti), 36.60 sec.; Webb (Vauxhall), 37.57 sec.; Plowman (Vauxhall), 37.97 sec.; Bardolph (Vauxhall), 40.0 sec.; Smith (Aston-Martin), 40.35 sec.; Jane (Lancia), 41.70 sec.; Southon (Vauxhall), 41.72 sec.; Gahagan (Bugatti), 44.58 sec.; Storr (Mercédes-Benz), 48.80 sec.; Miss Kennard (Mercédes-Benz), 49.20 sec.; Abbott (Mercédes), 56.80 sec.; Wilcock (Talbot), 60.30 sec.
Bentley Class:
1st: A. L. Pitts (4,398-c.c. s/c Bentley) 30.38 sec.
2nd: R. W. Hogg (4,398-c.c. Bentley) … 33.80 sec.
3rd: W. A. L. Cook (4,398-c.c. Bentley) 35.57 sec.
Also ran: Kemp Place, 35.59 sec.; Markies, 35.74 sec.; Lawrence, 36.48 sec.; Hay, 36.66 sec.; Farthing, 39.96 sec.; Evan Cook, 37.20 sec.; Kramer, 37.95 sec.; Sedgwick, 38.60 sec.; Stout, 39,20 sec.; Halliday, 39.64 sec.; Scott Russell, 40.40 sec.; Charnock, 40.80 sec.; Axel-Berg, 45.45 sec.; Burton, 46.00 sec.
Racing Cars up to 500 c.c.:
1st: D. Parker (497-c.c. Parker Special) … 31.87 sec.*
2nd: R.. M. Dryden (499-c.c. Cooper) … 33.40 sec.
3rd: G. Saunders (497-c.c. Cooper) … 33.66 sec.
Also ran: Truman (Bardon), 34.01 sec.; Roberts (Cola), 34.43 sec.; Samuelson (Cooper), 35.20 sec.; Tye Cooper), 35.76 sec.; Tipper (Monaco), 42.0 sec.; Cox Cooper), F.
Racing Cars, 501 to 750 c.c.:
1st: G. H. Symonds (747-c.c. s/c Austin) … 29.67 sec.
2nd: K. C. Jarvis (747-c.c. s/c Austin) … 32.21 sec.
3rd: F. G. Lomax (740-c.c. s/c M.G.) … 32.91 sec.
Also ran: Harrison (M.G.), 36.87 sec.; Bowles (Austin), 37.0 sec.; King (Austin), 39.60 sec.; Phillips (M.G.), 44.40 see.
Racing Cars, 751 to 1,100 c.c.:
1st: J. G. Fry (1,007-c.c. s c Freikaiserwagen) … 25.93 sec.*
2nd: E. Winterbottom (998-c.c. Cooper H.R.D.) 28.38 sec.
3rd: G. R. Hartwell (998-c.c. Cooper H.R.D.) … 28.40 sec.
Also ran: Cooper (Cooper), 29.30 sec.; Heath (Heath-J.A.P.), 32.0 sec.; Hobbs (“Rapier”), 32.59 sec.; Richards (Riley), 33.32 sec.; Treen (Riley), 34.80 sec.; Webb (M.G.), 35.20 sec.; Bristow (Alta), 38.60 sec.
Racing Cars, 1,101 to 1,500 c.c.:
1st: F. R.. G. Spikins (1,496-c.c. Spikins Special) … 29.11 sec.
2nd: A. A. Baring (1,496-c.c. s/c Maserati) … 29.27 sec,
3rd: S. J. Smith (1,500-c.c. s/c Bugatti) 29.91 sec.
Also ran: Heyward (Norris), 30.50 sec., Blomfield (Bugatti), 31.60 sec.; Murray (Maserati), 31.86 sec. ; Bradnack (B.R.A.), 33.20 sec.; Norton (Alta), 34.0 sec.; Rivers-Fletcher (M.G.), 37.20 sec.
Racing Cars, 1,501 to 3,000 c.c.:
1st: J. B. Norris (1,970-c.c. s/c Alta) 26.90 sec.
2nd: G. F. Yates (2,900-c.c. s/c Multi Union) … 27.13 sec.
3rd: N. Carr (1,996-c.c. s/c Alta) … 27.43 sec.
Also ran: Stubberfield (Bugatti), 28.80 sec.; Russell (Bugatti), 29.20 sec.; Hukins (Bugatti), 29.70 sec.; Edwards (H.R.G.), 31.75 sec.; Ayrton (Bugatti), 32.26 sec.; Clair (Semmence Special), 32.40 sec.; Williamson (Acedes-Nash), 34.80 sec,
Racing Cars Unlimited:
1st: A. J. Butterworth (4,425-c.c. A.J.B.) 24.91 sec.1#
2nd: K. McAlpine (3,015-c.c. s/c Maserati)… 25.27 sec.
3rd: R. D. Poore (3,860-c.c. s/c Alfa Romeo) 25.91 sec.
# F.T.D.
Also ran: Johnsen (Bentley), 28.79 sec.; Matthews (Jaguar), 29.40 sec.; Norris Norris Special), 30.80 sec.; James (Sunbeam sec.; Hay (Bentley), 36.80 sec.
Racing Cars – Lady Drivers Only:
1st: Mrs. E. Allard (4,375-c.c. Allard) 29.35 sec.
2nd: Mrs. Treen (1,087-c.c. Riley) … 36.58 sec.
Also ran: Mrs. Ching (Alfa-Romeo), 39.40 sec.