For the Ford owner

Bucklers list some special parts of great appeal to enthusiasts anxious to improve their Fords. The Buckler multi-tubular chassis frame is available to take either a Ford Eight transmission (7 ft. 6 in. wheelbase) or a Ford Ten transmission (7 ft. 10 in. wheelbase). With Ford Eight or Ten power unit, front and rear axles, etc., it assembles into a sports car like the one C. D. F. Buckler drives in all manner of competitions. These very rigid frames cost £52 and weigh approximately 85 lb. With body framing and spare-wheel mounting the price is £60 15s., or £61 15s. in long wheelbase form. A three-abreast chassis frame costs £55 and £56, respectively.

Owners of Ford Anglias and Prefects and builders of Ford specials are catered for by the Buckler i.f.s. conversion, which costs £20 on an exchange-of-parts basis. Special builders using a Ford Eight or Ten engine unit will be interested in the Buckler close-ratio gear assemblies. These are available to give four different combinations of second and third gear-ratio, of 6.03/10.48, 6.62/11.49, 7.25/12.62 and 7.98/13.87 to 1, respectively, in conjunction with the normal 5.5. to 1 axle ratio. In addition over-drive sets are available, overdrive operating in when the gear-lever is in the second gear position, giving ratios of 5.02, 5.5. and 8.74 to 1, or 4.59, 5.5 and 7.98 to 1, or 4.18, 5.5 and 7.28 to 1. These seven alternatives cost £9 5s. per set and employ nickel-chrome steel gears, heat-treated to 90/100 tons/sq. in. tensile. Remote gear-controls and oval Servais silencers, at £3 15s. and £1 14s. 6d., respectively, are other useful lines. Full details are available from Bucklers, 67, Caversham Road, Reading, Berkshire.