A new caravan

Caravans are in great demand by the motor-racing fraternity, who benefit by escaping the need for hotel-bookings and by having a mobile headquarters always to hand. So interest attaches to the new Berkeley "Messenger" trailer, which was introduced at a very adequate buffet luncheon in London on September 6th. This four-berth van is priced at only £350 and weighs a mere 16 cwt. Dr. David Mace, B.Sc., P.H.D., took the prototype "Messenger" on a 2,700-mile Continental journey behind an American automobile. This actual van was displayed beside a new one, nor were Berkeley afraid to circulate a report by Dr. Mace from which his criticisms had not been expunged. Made by the largest manufacturers of caravans in the world, this new van merits your investigation. This can be carried out at the Berkeley showrooms, 175, Great Portland Street, W.1.