The September Brands Hatch Meeting Moss Unlucky. Bottoms on Form Wins Championship Race



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The September Hatch Meeting

Voss Unlucky. Bottoms on Form Wins Championship Race FORTY-THREE 500-e.e. exponents entered for the 500 Clult race meeting at Brands [latch on September 17th. The weather was gusty but dry, apart from an Occasional brief shower. Moss, hero of the T.T., flew back for the meeting but had gearbox derangements on his Cooper-Norton after he had

won a heat and come through the field magnificently to second place after a poor start in the final of the Open Challenge Race. Thereafter his luck didn’t hold. He changed from top to bottom inadvertently and the Norton didn’t feel well afterwards. I don’t suppose it spoilt his birthday party ! * *

Proceedings opened, before a not very large crowd, with the first heat of the Open Challenge Race. MontgomerieCluirrington’s Cooper was late in starting and Symonds’ Cooper (a change from his Austin) mot trouble at once. Carter’s Cooper led throughout, chased by Bottoms’ .J.B.S., while Burgess (Cooper) and Coldham (Cooper) enjoyed a duel behind, Burgess really pouring on the coals. Impressions of’ this heat are I he Way Carter hurled his car at the twists. how Bottoms sometimes tail-slid behind. and the stresses the front tyres of till’ El I ryson was called upon .tO bear. NVIiiteln)itse retired. All eyes were on Stirling !Sloss in the next heat. and lie treated us to a very Continental bit of pressing-on from the back row, at flag fall. Lap one saw Brown’s Cooper lead. from Brandon’s Cooper and Parker’s Parker-Special. Lap 2 saw Parker second, and Moss third, Stirling having gained three places in this lap. Ilk’ was second to Brown next time round, in the lead after four of the SeVell

laps, and comfortably so a lap later, glancing back for a sight of’ Brown. Parker Snaked excitingly at Paddock bend on I& last lap. So they came in— Moss, Brown, Parker. Rogers was amongst the retirements. The 7-Lap Non-Produetion Car Race was no brighter than this race usually is. NVe lost IVood’s Adams-Wood-J.A.P. on the line, Smith’s Smith 500 in the first lap, although after a great display of semi-controlled sliding about the middle of the arena. Woods rejobied the race. Parker, of’ course, led from start to chequered-flag. except when he WiLS catching up the Bardon-Turner after

spinning at the top corner. Trunmil eventually annexed second place, with Wright’s Wright-J.A.P. third ahead of Grose’s back-end-bouncy Grose 500.

Next we had the I5-Lap Final of the Open Challenge Race. After I’ve told you that Bottoms, driving splendidly and not a hit. like a dirt-track rider, led all the way, let me tell you about Stirling. He started badly and wasn’t in the picture for five laps. Then he was eighth, if you can call that being in the picture. He had Bottoms, Carter, Burgess, Parker, Brown, Enterysi in and Brandon in front. of him, in inverse order. A lap later, with Bottoms right out ahead of everyone, Moss hadn’t. been able to do anything about. it. Then he passed Brandon out, of the Paddock heat! and took Brown the next time round, Parker on the one after that. That placed him fourth, where he stayed for a lap. causing Burgess to glance back. It was tour laps before that altered. then Moss passed Burgess on the 14th lap and by a vast. effort, swerving from side 14, 51(10. ho got. by Carter on the back -leg on I he last lap.

The result, gentlemen : Itothmis, by a good bit.. Moss, and Burgess. Wickett retired. The first heat. Of the 13rands Hatch Championship saw Major (roof top) Braid unlucky on the line, and Moss later on. Stirling caught. Parker to lead, then the Norton said no and Parker re-passed,

to be caught in his turn by Burgess and Rogers. Yes, both in Coopers, gentlemen, hut. the first .J.A.P., the other a Norton.

Wiekett brought out. his ” Frelich Cooper for the second heat. Brandon led for a lap, II))’)) Bottoms passed him on the inside at Paddock bend. These two built up a vast. lead and finished like that, Brown eventually coming home third. West 04 al Id JOhll (motor-maker) Cooper enjoyed a dud, which the customer won.

Next. Cal 110 he first twat. of the Junior Chn.mpionship, for those 500 Club members so far unplaced. Brake won in a procession from Leigh tool Nurse. Yes, gentlemen, all on Coopers. And :dl with J.A.P. engines, chaps. The second heat was another processiot MontgonterieCharrington, smoking gently, or rather his car was, or. actually. his oil (all right, it may have been t he oil mmpaoy’s oil), from. Richards and Symonds. Yes; gentlemen. all Coopers. Symonds made a good effort to finish second.

lit the final of the Open Championship Moss got. off list and couldn’t. do much about it. Bottoms’ .1.13.S. was never caught and dcscrved its victory. Brandon and Burgess fought it. out behind, actually doing hit of passing :old re-passing. At the end of the 12 laps Burgess led, but. a long way liehtml Bottoms. K. A. Gregory„ Assistant Secretary of I 500 Club, was a popular winner of the

Junior Brands Hatch Championship 13-lap final and skilful,. too, until he bumped Brake. Brake was second and Montgomerie-Charrington third, and it isn’t a pan to say that the latter had it. on brakes, is it ? Because he had, but not enough to heke him pas). ‘rhe 13-lap Championship of the Meeting started very late but they tell Me it was wortlt waiting for. If it isn’t too cold I expect I shall go to Brands Hatch

on October 14th.-W. B.



1st : K. E. Uarter (Cooper-Norton), 64.13 m.p.h.

2nd : A. liottom8 (.1.11.S.-Norton).

3rd : I. Burgess ((‘ooper-J.A.P.). HEAT 2, SEVEN LAPS :

1st.: S. Moss (Cooper-Norton), 60.10 m.p.h.

2nd : A. 11rowm ((‘ooper-.1.A.P.).

3rd : D. l’arker (Parker-J.A.P.). F1NAL-: 15 LAMA

1st : A. Bottoms (3. B.S.Norton), 65.4o m.p.h.

2nd : S. Moss (cooper.N(urton).

3rd : 1. Burgess ((7ooper-J.A.P.). NoN-Pnonm:TioN-CAn RAcE–15 LAPS :

let : U. Parker (Parker-J.A.P.), 56.29 m.p.h.

2nd : D. F. Truman J(inton-Tarnert.L.A.P.).


1st : L 11OrgesA (CAsmer-J.A.P.), 6.3.25 m.p.h. hod: A. B. Rogers (Cooper-Norton);

3rd D. Parker (Parker-J.A.P.). BEAT 2, SEVEN LAPS:

let : J. Bottoms (J.B.S.-Norton). 65.15 M.p.h.

-2nd : E. Brandon (Cooper-Norton).

3rd : A. Brown (Cooper-J.A.P.). FINAL, 12 LAPS :

1st : A. Bottoms (J.B.S.-Norton), 65,27 mph.

2nd : I. Burgess (Cooper-J.A.P.).


let: D. N. Brake (Cooper-J.A.P.), 0(1.12 m.p.h.

2na : T. Leigh (Cooper-J.A.P.).

3rd A. J. Nurse (Cooper-J.A.P.). HEAT 2, SEVEN LAPS: 1st : It. Montgomerle-Charrington (I’ooper

J.A.P.), 61.02 mph.

Rielmrds (Cooper).

3rd : 11. 11. Symonds (Cooper-J.A.P.). FINAL. 15 1,Ars 1st : K. A. 6regory (Cooper-J.A.P.), 62.15

2nd : D. N. Brake (Cooper-J.A.P.). 3rd : It, Montgornerie.Charrington (cooperJ.A.P.), ((IAN PIONSIIIP ACN, 15 Isis :

!et : A. Bottoms Norton), 61.5.I 2nd 8. E. Carter (Cooper-Norton). 3rd : E. _Brandon (conper-Norton).