The "Seaman Trophy " and other races for " historic " racing .ears, organised by the Vintage Sports-Car Club, are by now fairly widely known. They not only provide a very fine spectacle, but also provide the active competition which is a necessary incentive to preserve these fine machines in good order. An " historic " racing car is defined as one not less than fifteen years old, so that we have now reached the point when all pre-war racing cars are " historic." and there can be no new recruits until 1960. We have been considering the desirability of encouraging

the active preservation of post-war Formula I cars in the meantime, by organising races for thorn, and if support is forthcoming we propose to stage a 25-kilometre scratch race during 1957, for obsolete Formula I cars made after 1945.

We are anxious to learn what support such a race would be likely to receive and I should be grateful if interested owners of eligible cars would write to the secretary of the club, Mr. T. W. Carson, Brook Cottage, Bishop's Green, Newbury, Berks. I am, Yours. etc., CECIL CLUTTON, President, London, S.W.1. The Vintage Sports-Car Club Ltd * * *