New V8 for Rolls-Royce and Bentley



A new car from the Rolls-Royce Company is always a matter of moment and as this issue closed for Press we received details of a new Rolls-Royce development which is bound to be of interest. The latest news from Crewe shows that the makers of the “Best Car in the World” intend to keep it that way.

An entirely new V8 engine has been developed for the past five years and will be fitted to the Silver Cloud II, Phantom V, Bentley S2 and Continental. The cylinder block and heads are of aluminium construction with a high silicon content. Rolls-Royce have obviously come up against the same snags as American manufacturers who have attempted all-aluminium engines, such as porosity and corrosion, and consequently cast-iron wet cylinder liners and steel valve seats are used. The engine is a 90-degree unit with a bore and stroke of 104.4 by 91.44 mm., giving it a capacity of 6,230 c.c. The crankshaft is made of chrome molybdenum steel with integral balance weights running in five main bearings. Hydraulic tappets are used for the overhead valves. A compression-ratio of 8.0 : 1 is used, together with twin S.U. carburetters, but no power figures are given, as is usual Rolls-Royce practice, although it is claimed that more power is available than in the six-cylinder engine.

Outwardly the Silver Cloud II and Bentley S2 will not differ from the previous models but the heating, demisting and air-cooling systems have been completely redesigned, and the proportion of braking effort has been altered to give the front brakes more work. The V8 engine will be fitted to two Bentley Continental models exhibited at the Paris Show. One will be a drophead coupe by Park Ward and the other is a Mulliner four-door saloon. These cars will be fitted with the new four-shoe brake for the front wheels which increases lining area from 240 to 300 sq. in. The Mulliner saloon will sell for £8,054 17s. 6d. and the Park Ward coupe costs £7,856 10s. 10d., both prices including purchase tax.

The Phantom V limousine has been designed to replace the Silver Wraith model and has an overall length of 19 ft. 10 in, on a wheelbase of 12 ft. It also has the new engine with automatic transmission, power-assisted steering and servo brakes. Bodies on the Phantom V chassis will be built by the specialist coachbuilders and will normally have room for seven passengers. The chauffeur’s seat is adjustable to suit drivers of varying build. At a total price of around £9,000 it is hoped these cars will sell to large companies and public corporations.